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Tennogen Frost Skin(s) "No Tennogen Armor" Bug


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I recall once having the Grost Frost Armor as an attachment but now it is gone. i'm not sure if this is the case for his other skins as this bug is what keeps me from buying them. Yes it is a bug, because if you preview it in the Market it shows the armor pieces included.

Here is my attachment inventory for Frost with the "Frost Grost Armor" no longer there:


And here is it in the Market showing it included:



Please fix this DE. ILY ❤️


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They will add the Grost shoulders to your inventory if you submit a support ticket, but they refuse to fix it for some unknown reason.

Buying the Emperor skin gives you its shoulders automatically. It looks like Hailstorm and Vojnik don't have custom shoulders at all.

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