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Hildryn augment idea (defense ally)


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Stronghold - augment for Haven.

- Reduces the cost of ability to 0.

-The ability no longer deals damage to enemies and has no effect on them.

-Gives immunity to damage penetrating through shields for an ally when an ally has overshields.

-Swaps the priority of consumption of shields and overshields(Affects on Hildryn)

-When hildryn regenerates or gains shields in any way, the connected allies also receive a portion of these shields, which can be expanded to overshields. (power affects the number (%) of shields transferred)

-When the allies break the link, they save the effect for another 10 seconds. The buff disappears if the shieldgate is triggered. Buff holds only if the ability is active. (Duration affects the duration of the buff.)

-Ability is disabled when triggers shieldgate Hildryn.

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Another idea I would love to see added as either an augment or change is charging objective shields with Haven! As it stands only Arbitration Defense objectives can be charged which is kinda inconsistent with other objectives in my opinion.

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