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Shraksun Amp damage bugged


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The amp used is the lega prism, shraksun scaffold and certus brace. This bug only seems to occur when the amp is built with the lega prism. The shraksun's damage seems to be halved when shooting the gantulyst and hydrolyst only when they are exiting the water.

The projectile for the shraksun deals 3000 void damage. The explosion deals 4500 damage.

Using the special eidolon damage reduction forumla, the shraksun should deal ((3000-300/1.33)*0.1+300/1.33)*0.4 = 201 and ((4500-300/1.33)*0.1+300/1.33)*0.4 = 261 damage for the projectile and explosion respectively.

Here is it working properly without lega prism & certus brace:



However when the amp is built with the Lega Prism and when the eidolon is exiting the lake the shraksun's damage seems to get halved. Now if the shraksun's damage is halved then it deals ((3000/2-300/1.33)*0.1+300/1.33)*0.4 = 141 and ((4500/2-300/1.33)*0.1+300/1.33)*0.4 = 171 damage for the projectile and explosion respectively. 




This however does not seem to happen when the eidolon has fully exited the lake.


In summary, there is something about the eidolon's hitbox when it is leaving the lake that is halving the amp's damage. This seems to have something to do with the LEGA PRISM as this does not happen when the amp is not built with it!

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I never noticed this cause i rarely shoot without vs, which makes the exact numbers impossible to know. But i did notice my water shield damage weirdly low. If this is right they need to fix this, especially because 90% of eidolon community uses lega as a prism. Ill definitely make a new amp and test this for myself.

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