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Paris series dealing far less damage than what their Arsenal values should


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Since around U21.4 I've noticed that Paris series have been dealing far less damage in Conclave than intended according to arsenal values. I made a post regarding this before, but for conclave.
Link to post:

Today I decided to take a look if it was PvE related issue. And PvE related it was. Below you will see Calculated Values vs In game actual damage numbers.
Calculated Damage (365):



Actual Damage (292):



Not only that, without doing fancy calculations you can tell something is wrong. Zephyr's 4th Ability creates "tornadoes" that can be dealt damage equal to weapon's Total Damage. Without any multipliers. It's like those breakable objects.
Shooting the tornado it shows 208 damage, when it's suppose to be 260. Proof:



And the stock IPS Arsenal values of Paris Prime:



Also note that this damage variance happens with all Paris series.

Wouldn't have noticed this if I didn't play with it in PvP

Edit: Adding few in game vs calculated numbers that might help show a trend.




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