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Market item preview UI & Syndicate UI


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Preview market item/weapon

On the Right is information on weapon stats. Yes, I would like it back. For the first time in 5 years I don't see stats when preview weapon from the market. Yes, I've been here through all the changes but stats remained, now they are gone and new player will only see how weapon looks on them and how much it cost in plat, no info is this weapon good, nothing at all, just the look of it. I consider it wrong approach. Bundles have this place occupied for the items included in bundle, that is extra information and that space IS used actually, so why not use it for weapon as well? Blueprint can remain as it is right now.

Regarding Syndicates:
First of all: For the love of Lotus, REMOVE sit animation when viewing syndicates from orbiter. We're having enough of it with navigation and don't need extra squats when viewing syndicates, especially if it's not once a day. Thank you very much.

Secondly: I would like to address some possible changes and why I find there problem with current state of things.
Syndicate image (Red) provides zero information. Yes, we can see our rank, cool, icon is cool too, whatever. Move standing (Yellow) there so it will be more visible and whole syndicate image square will be more useful. Arrows are hardly noticeable and serve nothing but the abilitiy to preview previous/next rank icon (so useful!), you could provide/include standing limits for each rank visible there (or add link to wikia for it).
As free place appears, offering button (green) could be moved up (within pink), providing extra space to scale up syndicate image (red square) or free the space for "Daily Standing xx,xxx / xx,xxx" to be visible all in one place, instead of other corner of the screen (super annoying tbh).

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