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Fist weapons have a chance of not hitting enemies


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Replicable with: Stanceless, Fracturing Wind

This is the attack where the player either 1) spins around to strike the enemy with the elbow (stanceless), or spins around to backhand the enemy with the rear of the fist weapon (Fracturing Wind). These particular attacks have a high chance of not hitting the enemy at all. This is on the third attack of the base combo, but Fracturing Wind has another 4-hit combo which also ends in another backhand which is also likely to miss enemies (it's more likely to hit an enemy than the starting 3-hit combo but it can still miss entirely).

This bug persists even with Primed Reach equipped, while punching the enemy's face at point-blank range.

IMO I wouldn't be surprised if fist weapons are very low-used due to inconveniences such as this.

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Same goes for daggers or any other small weapons aswell sadly.

Solution should be in my eyes, have those combos target the nearest enemy instead and use the combo on one enemy fully, sure it will limit you a bit with those weapons then but those kind of weapons are more single target then area attacks anyway.

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