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Ember rework suggestions


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It’s no secret that Ember is not the frame she used to be, and has very little potential in the current meta, so I have proposed some changes that increase her survivability and CC potential. Either way I think these changes would make Ember a more fun frame to use.


Passive: +15% additive status chance for weapons that deal predominantly heat damage (e.g. Ignis, twin basolk, atomos, etc.


Temperature gage- similar to Nidus’ stacks and Atlas’ rubble, Ember’s effectiveness increases with temperature. Temperature increases with amount of enemies set on fire. Temperature decays over time.


Ability 1- Fire blast: Current 3rd ability, send out a wave of fire that ignites enemies, casting this after accelerant spawns the ring of fire that adds heat damage to weapons when shot through. Damage of fire blast increases with temperature gage.


Ability 2- Accelerant: Kept the same but increase duration of stun.


Ability 3- Phoenix Barrier: Ember superheats the air around her, igniting projectiles that approach her and granting damage reduction, effectiveness of this barrier increases the hotter she is (temperature gage), 45% dmg reduction at base, reaches 85% with max temperature. (Duration based ability, not effected by pwr strength).


Ability 4- World on fire: Kept the same but temperature gage determines the rate at which the efficiency decays, the hotter Ember is, the slower the WoF energy cost increases, granting her better energy efficiency. WoF knocks down enemies that are affected by accelerant if temperature gage is 65% or higher. World on Fire does not increase temperature gage (as this would be too OP due to infinite sustaining)

Augment change: Given that, with high temperature gage, WoF would do what Firequake currently does, I suggest that the WoF augment be changed to ‘Lasting Ignition’; targets affected by WoF leave a small patch of fire where they were struck, damaging enemies that pass through it.


Any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

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First, Firequake, the augment for WoF is excellent CC, and I'd just leave the ability as it is. As has been noted by the "pros", CC is kind of a last thought in Warframe, leaving just defense or damage, neither of which Ember excels at currently.

Which brings me to my second thought, I'd keep her Fire Blast as her third skill and add your Phoenix Barrier idea to it so that it becomes more of a flame version of Frost's globe or a stationary fiery version of Zephyr's Turbulence. A projectile is rather typical for a 1st ability. This would give this skill, which is perhaps her weakest, at least utility as a defensive option. Unlike Turbulence or Globe, it makes it where it's not affected by ability range, and also not affected by strength as you suggested, but based on her gauge. So you either choose between Firequake Ember for her CC or Fire Blast Ember for her defensive utility, and this way it's also balanced against the skills of other frames. You're still dealing with AOE damage from things like Bombard, but at least you're not getting pelted in the face by trash. It also has the added benefit of not being a hinderance to allies like Frost's globe, but at the cost of not simply negating all damage. Though, I would make the cap 90% (2x the base) rather than 85%, which feels a little wonky to me. Plus, a lot of abilities in the game that give a damage reduction generally use either 90 or 95%. Keep the increased fire damage based on the gauge too. Keeps melee enemies at bay.

Third, I like the passive change and your gauge idea. Though, I'd just do a flat +15% status chance to her weapons if they are inflicting heat damage. Gives it a bit more utility with all weapons so long as she slots in heat damage and doesn't combine it with another elemental mod. The guage idea further incentivizes the use of uncombined fire damage. It feels more synergistic that way. Leaving Fireball as her first ability, I think the synergy of increased fire damage on it works better.

Fourth, if I wouldn't change the stun on accelerant. Instead, make it useful to increasing the gauge. It already increases fire damage, have it also double the rate at which the gauge fills. Gives it nice utility, and again, makes building for duration (helpful for the defensive ability) better.

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