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Smeeta Kavat energy color problem


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Theres a bug (I assume because it doesn't make too much sense) that makes Kavats and The Pax Seeker projectiles to have an incorrect energy color if youre not the host of a mission. I'll leave a couple of examples:


Here I'm not the host of the mission and my kavat has this purple mixed with cyan energy color:1gsSBFV.png

And here I'm the host (I'm obviously in the Simulacrum) and the Kavat has his proper energy color which is white:gy4kc5H.png




And now the Pax Seeker projectiles, here I'm not the host and they're blue:kzdWp4w.png


And here, I'm the host and the Pax Seeker Projectiles have the proper energy color which in this case is pink with black as secundary:WLvyO4R.png



These screenshots where made in the simulacrum for the sake of this post but I've tested this on regular missions aswell and its 100% this, when youre not the host they have the colors messed up and when you're the host the colors are fine.

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Pax Seeker color is Fixed
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