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Cross-save and cross-play!!!

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Personally I feel Cross-Save / Cross-Progression is the best wishlist item here, so you can pick up on a PS4 and carry on where you left off from your XB1 and so on. Cross-Play where someone on a PS4 plays a mission with someone on a PC probably isn't such a high demand item and that will have more obstacles. Those obstacles make sense when the development cycle for the devices is not in sync.

For me I'd love Cross-Save because I play on XB1 and progressed far, and have picked this up on my PS4 and Switch but didn't bother because I couldn't bring myself to start the grind all over again. However I'd love to join some friends on PS4 in Warframe and would love to pick up where I left off using my Switch on my travels if Cross-Save / Cross-Progression was a thing, but starting from scratch on those devices just doesn't appeal to me.

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