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The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 25.1.1

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51 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:


  • Fixed the Nyx Graxx Helmet Energy color not applying.
  • Fixed Energy colors on Nikana sheathes not being applied in mission.
  • Fixed the Thanatos Sugatra not sitting correctly on most weapons.
  • Fixed Khora Mithra Skin having material inconsistencies when switching her Attack, Protect, and Heal postures.
  • Fixed the Hydroid Karkinos dangly tentacles being disjointed from the Helmet.
  • Fixed the medallion dangle on the Valkyr Leonessa Helmet.

Again more warframe  aesthetic fixes,  yet no sign of Volt cloth physics.  😢

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What about that sneaky stealth nerf you pulled on Hexenon drops in a previous hotfix?

I ran survival with Nekros / Khora today, six runs at 20min a piece and got about 200 total. This game is grindy enough, you really don't need to nerf drops, especially after what you did to the farming frames.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed a soft-lock when viewing Simaris’ Offerings. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you

Forgot this on my previous list of weird random glitches:


That is a latcher that is somehow an ally. Happened during a void sabotage mission. I was very confused why the grineer were ignoring the corrupted and shooting at the railing next to the portal.

EDIT: Also, not that I have pictures or video for this though I will try to get some, there are instances of grineer and corpus moving in circles while also spinning. One such area is outside a spy vault on earth, and in the Jupiter tile set (though much more rare than the grineer area I've listed).

Guns with multi-shot don't count as stealth kills even though, technically, all the bullets would hit at the exact same time.

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I've played once with double-drop and double-chance for ~25 minutes right before 25.1.0 and got ~600 in a single run. Well, that's ~150 without both doubles. Did they nerf it even further?

...not like you actually need a lot. You craft 3 weapons, 1 frame... and that's it. Useless resource after this point.

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I think there is a spelling error in the Neo S11 Relic [Radiant] If i sort it on the name it shows up before the unrefined relic while all the other radiants show up after the unrefined one


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I just want to voice how much it pleases me that you do these rapid hotfixes after more longterm 'big' releases. Some goofy stuff going on with the relic UI lately for sure, but still. This effort is not unnoticed, and is in fact much appreciated!

The change for people extracting from disruption and the kavat tail are a couple things that stand out for me personally at the moment.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Kavat tails not applying the chosen Energy colors.

"CHOSEN" energy colors? 

Odd choice of words as we can't choose energy colors for either Kavats or Kubrows. Only Helminth Chargers we can chose energy colors for it.

So what's this about? Am i misunderstanding something here?


Also yea when will we be able to fricking choose the energy color for Kavats and Kubrows? Like we can with Helminth Charger from the gene masking kit pool.

Or better yet make us be able to choose energy color for all pets FROM actual color palettes and just leave the masking kit ones for the fur and details.

I mean that is fair right? To not make the gene masking kits obsolete while still adding more customization to our pets.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed the Thanatos Sugatra not sitting correctly on most weapons

Thanks for fixing Thanos and thanks for the hotfix and new UI changes. I Do appreciate your hard work at DE. But please can you guys fix Daman Prime Sugatra? It's been broken for over a year and this is something that people are spending real money on just to end up with a bugged out sugatra that doesn't have the same physics as what is advertised in Loki Prime vault promo pictures. It used to bend at the base point and the metal part would swing with the energy bit but now the metal part is stiff and it only bends at the energy point causing it to become distorted. Please DE it would mean the world to me (and other people im sure) because I haven't ever really used it since I bought it. I don't want to get off as salty and unappreciative but it's been over a year and I really want a fix now. Sugatras are small and minor and so should the fix for Daman Prime.  Thanks.

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Ether daggers aren't utilizing the energy colors correctly. They just show up as black anywhere except when choosing energy color. Also, you guys acknowledge that nullifiers are pretty much universally hated and a generally crappy idea, so can you do the right thing already and just gut them from the game instead of making them even more annoying and plentiful?

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Thanks again for another update / hotfix. The implementation of fixes and changes that help benefit the Warframe experience are all greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I don't see any mention of fixes and solutions for the following bugs and issues in the update notes, so here's a polite reminder.

- Broken animations and fx / sfx for Sarpa if attack speed is modded too high.

- Loss of functionality of Exalted melee weapons when playing as a Client.

- Completing Cyanex research removes 17k xp from Clan xp progress (confirmed this myself).

- Completing Komorex research removes 20k xp from Clan xp progress (reported by other players).

- Host migrations on Defense missions can randomly reset some player scores to zero while leaving one player's scores intact. This happens after players elect to leave or stay for the next set of waves.

- Host Migrations NOT "pausing" the game at times, wherein enemies will still attack and do damage to the player. This has been an issue for years and it can be game-breaking.

- Host Migrations sometimes resulting in a failed mission with a loss of all rewards and pickups.

- Garuda's Talons resetting to inactive / un-deployed position after performing a stealth kill when no other melee weapon is equipped.

- Weapons glitching occasionally when Baruuk switches out from Serene Storm.

- Nitain being locked behind Nightwave credits and a very unreliable reward system (Sabotage & Cetus Bounty, the latter only when Ghouls are present).

- Prosecutors fail to spawn on Exterminate, Survival and Defense nodes on Ceres.

- Most Arch-guns being mediocre in comparison to regular, high MR ranged weapons when used as ground weapons.

- Loss of sfx for Baruuk's orbiting daggers when they transfer to other players when playing as a Client.

- When Serene Storm is active, right-clicking switches out from his Desert Wind exalted melee to the last ranged weapon used, forcing players to switch back to Desert Wind.

- Nekros Shadows being affected by Renewal, thus posing a massive and unreasonable energy drain on Oberon players.

- Nyx, Vauban and Wukong being underwhelming and almost completely out-classed by meta damage 'Frames such as Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox, etc.

- Saryn, Mesa, Volt, Equinox and Mag still being arguably non-coop friendly by being able to dominate / nuke small defense maps with ridiculous ease. All players should be able to contribute and participate in missions in meaningful ways, not be bored to tears because someone decided to delete most of the enemies for everyone with a powerful and easy to spam ability.

- Ability to turn Banshee's Soundquake on and off quickly and repeatedly, generating pulses of high damage that can readily and easily clear small maps.

- Spin 2 Win dominating melee due to Maiming Strike being always available while conferring massive bonuses to an easily spammable attack move capable of rapidly clearing maps. Maiming Strike being made reliant on Channeling to circumvent this...when?

- The Wolf of Saturn Six being a boring bullet-sponge and gear-check enemy that punishes players for head-shotting and who rewards us for our troubles with a sub-par drop table that has mods you can easily get anywhere else. Yes he's "weaker" now...but he's still a boring sponge that requires little skill but substantial effort to neutralize. A Nox is a more interesting and reasonable opponent than the Wolf. I mention this because we know he will be back at some point.

- Energy colors being bugged / broken for certain Warframes, weapons, accessories, and abilities. You're getting there though!

- Arguably lackluster rewards for Arbitrations.

- Domestik aka "Corpus Roomba" - a mobile cosmetic - costing significantly more than a Sentinel. 100p for something that does nothing but run around? When 75p gets you a Sentinel with a weapon and abilities? Try 35 - 50p.

Also, it would be really appreciated if you all could:

- Allow us, if it's possible, to opt out of certain Warframe abilities (such as Volt's Speed and Limbo's Rift portals) via a game preference toggle. We can turn off Octavia's sounds for other players because of how intrusive they can be, so why not potentially intrusive abilities? Not everyone wants to be Banished or wind up running around like a Russian Dwarf Hamster on meta-amphetamines. Win-win for all, with no need for a player to have to "manually opt out" by rolling / dodging every time an intrusive ability is activated and winds up adversely affecting said player.

- Buff fashion frame / customization a bit and give us a color wheel picker to choose colors from. Grey out color blocks on the wheel that are associated with pallets that a player doesn't own.

- Bring back manual blocking for melee. Because 1. stances and a couple of mods use blocking and 2. auto-blocking can be really inconvenient and irritating.

- Make Ogris fun again and give it a semi-auto trigger. Make the rockets only detonate after they've traveled 6m (at least), for obvious safety reasons.

- Bring back regular Alerts for players that either can't or don't want to deal with Nightwave. We players appreciate having options and Nightwave hasn't been new player friendly.

- Lower the credit cost to build Ephemera to 10k credits and drop the resource costs by 90%. It's a purely cosmetic item that does nothing but leave footprints / trails that disappear after a few seconds. Also, if these are supposed to be a prestige item / badge of honor...they need to be a GUARANTEED reward when reaching a particular milestone. If not, lower the grind needed to acquire them please.

Thanks for reading. No, I couldn't care less if certain points I've made here are unpopular or not. Yes, I know this is a hot-fix.

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