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Comprehensive Titania rework

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I am here to make a pretty much comprehensive rework for Titania that is open to edits. To make this rework ww have to first address why Titania is a sub optimal frame.


What is Titania's issue? She is a jack of all trades but is sub optimal at all things instead of medium optimal. Take for example the other jacks of all trades in warframe. Rhino, tanky cc and damage buffing some movement as well. Nezha, tanky movement debuffing cc and healing. Oberon, tanky healing cc utility. Titania tries to be one of these but fails. A commom trait of the warframe jack of all trades is the ability to be tanky in some aspect. Even Wisp has tankiness in the form of invisibility and vitality mote.

So what we left with when talking about Titania? She is literally paper, with her one tankiness coming from artificial methods such as 50% chance to avoid damage and her Dust debuff reducing enemy accuracy by 50%. This does absolutely nothing for her survivability. If one shot does all your health then you have a 50% chance of living or dying and that is ludacris when we have so many squishy frames with better survivability not left to chance.

Then we have her cc. One word, inconsistent. Sure her spell bind makes enemies stop shooting but the secomd you hit them they go flying into space. Sure her Latern now returns to it cast location, after 20 seconds in which time you would be dead. Not to mention that distraction cc is highly inconsistent unless paired with invisibility. Her only good cc is her Tribute knock back and Razorflies agro taking and even those are flawed with the knock back being single target and the Razorflies dying in seconds.

Then we move to her buffs. Oh her buffs. Again, inconsistent but also they do not scale nor are they useful in warframe currently. Ive already explained why Dust is bad. Entangle seems to not work like all other slows in the game leaving enemy actions unslowed. Full Moon simply doesn't work because runing a companion with Titania has issues with her extremely low health pool. Thorns *insert laugh track* reflect damage is only viabled if it is at ludacris multiplications such as with the new Amalgam Javlock mod.

Surely, she must have one redeeming factor. And yes she does or else i would not be playing her. Razorwing is by far her best ability snd dare i say one of the most fun abilities in warframe. You become a space ninja butterfly of death. However, Dex Pixia is hesvily limited by ammo economy, Dwiata has mediocre damage and at high level all it taked is two good shots from a Gunner to end your fun cause lord knows those razorflies dont last.


So now the question is, how do we fix her? Well the best method is to solidify her role. Jack of all Trades like Oberon/Nezha/Rhino, Supportive with Damage like Wisp/Octavia, or Exalted Dps like Excalibur/Valkyr/Mesa. I err on the side of Supportive with damage for she is the Fairy Queen, however, with all things considered it would be much better to place her into the Exalted dps category as well. Hence, my rework will try to capture than aspect.


Lets start with Spellbind.

First lets remove the free float aspect and change it to suspension much like Vabaun's Bastille.

Base aoe range should be increased to 15 similar to how Harrows Condemn has high base range since to build him optimally you do not want too spec to much into range, but it does scale with mods.

Reduce base duration to 10 seconds at base since the cc will be much more consistent. Scaling with mods

Increase animation speed by 30%

Remove Status immunity from this ability, it shall be moved elsewhere. 

With these changes this ability becomes a good instant cc that will be the only hard cc in her kit.


Next is Tribute.

Remove the picking of enemy types to get buffs and instead give the players a choice using a rotunda similarly to Ivara's Quiver.

Remove certain buffs effecting allies. These buffs are only for Titania

Dust - Now grants 20% damage reduction as it make Titania harder to hit. This is inline with the same concept from Mirage's damage reduction. This ability will scale with mods in terms of power strenght scaling up to 90% damage reduction. Does not effect allies

Entangle - Make the slow actually work like all other slows and slow enemy actions as well. Have it start at a base 10% slow scaling with mods up to 30%. This is mainly consistency.

Thorns - This should jam enemy guns for 10 seconds at a base range of 15 meters scaling with mods of course. This one just makes sense and is more consistent.

Full moon - Increases the health and damage of all companions by 20% scaling with mods up to 50% increase. Does not effect ally's companions.

These are now useful buffs made more powerful as we remove her team aspect for her and focus more and her self sustain.


On to Latern

This ability needs to change completely in order to be useful. Make it this instead.

Titania goes invulnerable for 5 seconds. All enemies in a base 15 metter radius are attracted to the Fae queen as she summons this shimmering latern above her. This beguiles them to attack her. All damage taken in those 5 seconds is stored and then released as a burst heal around Titania grant brief cc immunity and status immunity.

Immunity duration is not effected by mods and only Titania is rendered immune.

Base status, cc immunity duration is 10 second scaling with mods.

Base range is 15 meters scaling with mods.

Base heal scales with a one a 1 to 1 ratio to damage taken multiplied by 2 which is affected by mods.

Titania is still able to do other actions while Latern is active.


Lastly Razorwing.

Dex Pixia now refunds 10 ammo for every kill

Diwata changes

Impact 200.0    Punture 30.0     Slash  150.0

200.0 ( Slash 75%)

Remove 50% Evasion while in Razorwing

Razorflies will now actively protect Titania instead of damaging enemies. Razorflies now have a link bond to Titania in which they take 50% of the damage she takes. They do not grab enemy agro any more and do not fly away from Titania. Instead they float around her as she flies. Razorflies should be fully healed on each kill.

These are simple optimizations to Razorwing and some redundancy clearing up. Diwata should be more useful and she should be league more survivable with her new as a whole so the removal of certain elements such as Razorflies grabing agro and the evasion make this ability much better overall.

With this new kit, Titania can now function as a dps with some suportive techniques. She will now scale i to higher leveld and be more survivable overall. I do hope de takes this into consideration, Titania needs more thsn the small qol rework they gave her.


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il y a 51 minutes, Lucian_Adrion a dit :

Lets start with Spellbind.

Changing the mechanics of control is not necessary, you just need to increase the inertia of the mobs so that they are not so easy to move.

il y a 51 minutes, Lucian_Adrion a dit :

Next is Tribute.

il y a 51 minutes, Lucian_Adrion a dit :

Remove certain buffs effecting allies. These buffs are only for Titania

I will not continue to read this ability. For me, titania is a team player and its buffs should affect the team.

il y a 51 minutes, Lucian_Adrion a dit :

On to Latern

You just made a more comfortable 4 Nyx. And the razorwing reduces you size, because of this, opponents find it harder to hit you, which reduces the effectiveness of the ability.

il y a 51 minutes, Lucian_Adrion a dit :

Lastly Razorwing.

This ability is bad not because it is weak, but because it combines various things that are difficult to control with one button. Archwing could be a separate mechanic. A weapon could become a separate ability in order to become a temporary method of struggle, rather than permanent in maintaining the entire mission. Butterflies can become separate mechanics, since their control is focused on agro, that is, it is not dispersed by nullifiers and drones of arbitrage. 

il y a 51 minutes, Lucian_Adrion a dit :

RazorfliesThey do not grab enemy agro any more and do not fly away from Titania.

Congratulations, you made butterflies more useless. You replace the ability to gameplay do not receive damage at all by 50% resist.

I do not like this rework. But this is my opinion. Maybe others will like it.

You also rely on resists, but the problem is that they are not necessary, we already have ways to protect ourselves up to 200 levels.It works on normal missions, just trust me.



Please review her problems.Complement, if you want. 


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for me the what titania needs is that when you cast lantern on a target this one will stand fixed in place rather that floating the away

and better casting speed on abilities


no point on 15% cc for diwata you cant put blood rush or any other acolyte mod on exalted melee weapons, but co is stronker anyways so not a biggie 

by saying that lantern is  completely useless you dont realize how stronk that ability could be, with some range, everything will stop shootign and stare at the enemy targeted by lantern. that enemy just needs to stand in place. its one thing that ability needs and i dont understand why de still didn't fix that. 

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This sounds OP.

SPELLBIND: As a first ability that can basically take any group of enemies out of the battle temporarily shouldn't be THIS good. I think a base 15 metres is way too much, as that means you could potentially get room-control, defeating the only purpose Vauban still has, with a first ability. Also, by spamming everything into the air, it would make the game pretty boring, not actually needing to fight - something DE is very against.

TRIBUTE: I like the idea of a quiver-style selection rather than RNG pickups, which is dangerous for a squishy frame like Titania. However I agree with @zhellon in saying its a bad idea to remove the ally effect. Maybe instead, it can be cast on allies, like how nyx's 1st works. To prevent it being too easy, I'd also suggest limiting the range of the effect to something like 20-30 metres. This way It encourages people to play close and together, but it doesn't have everyone just clump up on top of a defence objective, for example. Now on to the actual effects:

- Dust giving 90% reduction is way too OP. Being hard to hit in Razorwing along with this is too much. I'd suggest the fixed 50% we already have.

- I agree with your ideas for entangle. It'd be good to have a frame that can at least somewhat compare to Nova, and as it can only be cast on tough enemies, keeps it out of the power creep.

- The idea of Thorns is to deal damage back to the attacker. Gun jamming in completely unrelated, and giving 15 metres base means you have a pocket radial disarm, way too powerful. I think this is fine as is.

- Full Moon benefiting companions' health is also something I like. Sentinels in particular are very squishy and that could be useful. I also agree with it dropping to 50% from 75% because of this, as long as it isn't affected by power strength.

LANTERN: Giving Titania 5 seconds of invincibility to deal 2:1 damage in an AOE is basically just Nyx, but better, so I disagree with this. Instead, I would suggest something like enemies in LoS to the lantern losing accuracy from the bright light, or something like that. I don't know, but I agree this needs a change.

RAZORWING: The regeneration of ammo is very quick so there is no need to give 10 ammo per kill. I don't know the current stats for Diwata, but that seems reasonable, but it still probably will barely be used because its Diwata... The evasion is an essential part of Razorwing, as she is very small so therefore harder to hit. I don't think this ability needs to be changed much, if all. As for the Razorflies, I don't think they need to be changed either.


This suggestion seems to have a lot of things you'd want from an ideal jack-of-all-trades, but is just too good at everything. I believe she should stay as a fairy-frame, but some ideas I think would give her a better usage.

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