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Losing Massive Amounts of Standing - Cetus/Fortuna


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I know it is a clickbaity title.

However, several of my clanmates and I noticed a massive loss in Standing when turning in Fish, Gems, Finished Zaws, Finished Moas, Finished Kitguns and Finished Amps.

For example, in game I had a Large Glappid worth 2k standing. I turned it in at the beginning of the day. I had 27K available standing. That amount should have gone down to 25k after turning in the Glappid Large. Not so. I turn it in and I have 26k left to go. I think it is an isolated issue so I go turn in a Moa I no longer need. According to the tooltip it is worth 2580. I turn it in and again I only get 1290 standing.  In both cases I started a new day and believed I would get alot of standing and I'm only getting half or a little less than half of what I believe I'm supposed to be getting.

Moment of truth. I have a friend turn in a Zaw he no longer needs. This Zaw says that it is supposed to be close to 3k standing. He only gets 1500 standing.

Both of us including others have tried this with Zaws, Fish, Kitguns, Moas, and Amp and have lost thousands of standing. What once took 13-14 Glappids (yes I'm addicted to farming) now takes 27 or more Glappids. This is happening in Cetus and Fortuna. Can we get others to confirm this is happening. Because I will not turn in a single item for standing until this is fixed. I am not going to look thousands of standing. I have put in a ticket and they told me to put it in the forums so that it can be "seen". 

I hope it does get seen.

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