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Melee Build Saryn With Dual Inchor. Opinions?



Planning to play a melee build Saryn and as of now this is the mods I'm equipping to my frame and I still got like extra 10 mod cap for me to fill in another mod.. Need some opinions to my build. :)

Aura: Corrosive Projection: Max rank

Vitality: Not full rank

Redirection: Not full rank

Constituion: Max rank

Focus: Max rank

Molt: Max rank

Contagion: Max rank

Vigor: Max rank

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you don't need corrosive projection since dual ichor ignores armor, i tried saryn as melee still not worth it, the best dps you can get out with the dual ichor is almost 1800 (guns deal 5-10x as much dmg) contagion will only add around 500 extra dps, in the end its still pretty weak, it takes too much time to kill something which leaves you be an easy target, even with moult since moult can barely sustain hits, and if you go for low lvl only you don't need any advices put in whatever you want use whatever you want

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I actually had a lot of fun with a melee saryn a few patches ago. And now theres a few new mods to try out.


Rage + Quick Thinking + Rejuvenation/Energy Siphon = unkillable


Alternatively, Redirection + Vigour +Rejuvenation and Guardian on your sentinel will make you fairly tankish, and you can regen the health lost on a delayed Guardian activation


Constitution, Continuity, and Focus to buff up Contagion as much as possible, and Contagion itself at max rank


Moult or Miasma to escape/AoEStun


Thats... 7? Last is either +health or +shield regen, depending on your ability to escape.


(Steel Charge and Vitality if playing with a Trinity, otherwise Rejuv is too good to give up)

[i guess you could add in Equilibrium and ditch Rejuv]

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