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Large Quantities Of Old-Style Rifle Ammo Boxes As Mission Rewards


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I'm chain-running Tolstoj to get seer parts. in ~10 runs I've had 2 of them that rewarded me Rifle Ammo Boxes as a mission reward.


The first time I got 15. The second time it said I got 50, although my inventory screen tells me I have 60 of them total, so not sure what's up there. I'm pretty sure I had 6 of them before tonight, maybe 7 from before update 10.


I mean, it's kind of nice to have that many but it's clearly not right.

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Similar issue here.

I think I have been given 200 team heals and 200 starbursts a couple of times.


It is nice to get these things as rewards from time to time but the quantities are excessive.



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