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Need arrangement about clan members' resources donation


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Hello Everyone. 
I am a warlord in my clan, 2 things I really suffer when I want to try track someone's farm and his/her work for the clan.
it is too difficult to find some one how many did he/she donated, and when???, 
like in example
I ordered some 1 to donate 1000 nano spores.
he/she already donated last week, How would I know did this guy donated Recently ???

too hard for me to take each member a screenshot !!
To Fix this problem:- 
Each Resource has been donated, its added the donate Date.  if its in same day should be with" Hours and Minutes" like in Communication>>Friends>> some1 offline  5hr.


2nd thing :-
Hemocyte Cystolith.
it can not be donated via the Vault in dojos.
its annoying to explain everyone how to donate in each statue.!
Thank you all

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An interactive donation log / quota management system would be a nice addition to the dojo system like many other things. Here is hoping they give dojos more life and systems after Railjack releases.

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