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Unusual Wisp animation glitch


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Playing the final mission of the sortie, in the Lua tileset, I was playing as wisp. While using my ultimate, Sol Gate, I accidentally fell down into one of the bottomless pits that reset you when you enter them. I was reset twice, before finally settled back in the tile its in. When I was settled though, I found my self stuck in this pose, unable to cast, go into operator mode, or shoot. I quickly got stuck moving in only one direction, only able to move by performing animationless bulletjumps to fight against the direction I was moving in. I lost the ability to bulletjump mid glitch as I wasn't able to crouch anymore, and I was only able to move by changing my direction via aiming with right click. Aiming never actually pulled up the scope of the Komorex I was using, only making the sound and having me turn in the direction I was facing. It lasted all the way to extraction.


https://imgur.com/GAEjyVW KSZ7zra.png



Although it was pretty hilarious as I was able to tilt into angles such as the second picture, I thought it warranted my first bug post!

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