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suggestion on additional resource sinks


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I have numerous times suggested that the best way to have players give up resources is through donations for relay maintenance. Below are additional details to that end.

To make this work, there needs to be some reward for the donation, but it can't be an exclusive or a one and done kind of deal. So,


Relay Maintenance


50,000 salvage: 1 hour credit booster

50,000 alloy plates: 1 hour resource drop chance booster


These two boosters are always useful, thus players will generally have need of them and in turn have an incentive to trade their stockpiles.


Cetus Supply Bounty


50,000 Nanospores

50,000 Circuits

3 sentirum

3 nyth

5 nueral sensors

50 fish meat : 1 hour double resource booster



Fortuna Supply Bounty


50,000 Rubedo

50,000 Ferrite

3 Zodian

3 Thyst

5 neurodes

50 Scrap Metal: 1 hour double resource booster



Why 50,000?

DE has already done something similar with the rare resource blueprints. There was a time I tried using them, and they were successful at draining my stockpiles, so I stopped using them. Thus I know that the approach works, the problem were the rewards. It just wansn't worth it to keep crafting them since they can be farmed. No matter what point of the game players are at though we can always benefit from boosters. I intentionally left out affinity booster as this is aimed at end game players that generally won't need one, but that can be added too.

The supply bounties are special Bounty missions unlocked at max standing with the respective factions and the resources listed are required to access the Bounty.


1 hour boosters already exist in the game and are acquired from rare containers. This is just another way to acquire them and use up resources at the same time. Also they are a meager hour because the point is to help end game players, who typically are farming something specific. Credits, some rarest resource for research, or kuva / void traces.

Quantities of course can be changed but I wouldn't overload these too much as the goal is to drain those 50k values.

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However just like rare resource blueprints, these won't be used as you can spend 40 Platinum to achieve 3 days worth of booster a given. Stockpiles should be used for new weapon research. The requirements for researching weapons is very low with Hema being the only exception. The resource economy is very bloated, but only because there is uproar whenever something with a hefty cost is added (Sibear, Vauban Prime, Hema, etc).

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I'm fairly certain players will opt in to get 1 hour boosters. There are a lot of free to play players.


From a personal experience I don't but boosters often because I can't take advantage of them except on weekends. But I'm online almost everyday for 1 or 2 hours after work. I'm confident that many players are in a similar situation where 1 hour boosters are ideal.


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