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Orbiter doors can be nonrespondent when you're the guest


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Orbiters clearly know who the owner is and is apparently also the jaloux type...

I've seen this several times when inviting people to my own orbiter, but ofc also experienced it a couple times myself in other orbiters. The doors have a high chance to glitch for guests, leaving them blocking the path for the duration of your visit, no matter which side of the door you approach from. The owner or other guests (if they aren't getting the same glitch) may still walk through as if nothing happened (with the door animating and opening as usual) and only see people squirming like a mime and an invisible wall in the doorway when approach. This meanwhile might just trigger on a single door or more if you're unlucky.

When it initially happens, the door doesn't move, but you hear the sound animation as if it was opening. Then a click or hiccup in the sound and nothing more will happen. When you approach, you'll be able to walk through the initial layer (the visual texture of the door), but hit an invisible wall behind it before reaching the halfway point through the door (since you can turn the camera and see through textures and see for yourself how far you've reached. Squirming about on that invisible wall, you can hit the camphered corners in the doorway to the sides.

The reason I can state that it remains locked from both sides afterwards, is that there seems to be a hole in the moveable space, in that glitched-state door. If you can get it just right, there is a hole in the top of this invisible wall you might be able to bullet jump through if you get it right. The game makes a millisecond hiccup and you get through to the other side (might just be from getting out of map bounds view).

On one occation I saw a guest getting into my orbiter's infested sideroom without the warframe neck infestation by an approach similar to what I described above.

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