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Matchmaking issues and host migrations

(XBOX)Kercero Kerin

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Pretty self explanatory for the title and probably tons of other posts out there for this issue which is quite sad that it’s not fixed or minimized.


ive been trying to do cryotic excavation runs on many different planets and been in full teams and when someone in the team decides to extract it does a host migration scene and so far about 95% of the time it loses connection and boots me back to the main menu.  May not sound bad but was in multiple runs with 12+ digs (1200+ Cryo) and when that happens it just deletes all progress on the match like it didn’t even happen.  


Can there be be a fix for this soon I’m getting real tired of this disconnection when someone leaves squads, makes having a multiplayer game seem better off being a solo game.

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My understanding is that it would require switching to a server-hosted system rather than the peer-hosted one in place currently.  Despite the myriad anguished posts lamenting the loss of hard-earned rewards, the near lack of response or change on the part of Digital Extremes seems to reflect their disinterest in the issue, or at least in doing what needs to be done to resolve it.  It might simply be too expensive, but I suspect it's more of a cost/benefit scenario into which user sanity (or likeliness to leave or to stop spending) is not factored.

They did make one improvement -- the system does now at least keep relic rewards, though it isn't smart enough to give you the one you selected, rather it sticks you with the one you'd have earned if you'd played alone.

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