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On 2019-06-13 at 7:08 AM, Libpea said:

Still no ^^ For example, if I have 20k plat in my acc, it doesnt matter if i keep that number or buy things from market with plat, DE wont receive anything, and i just open and access the contents that are already in the game, in my hard drive which is controlled by server what things i can access. So, it all comes down to trading between tenno and tenno.

I think it;s your perspective as players who buy platinum with money and use it to buy things, so it;s the yes: spending plat = spending money. And through the 1st trading with other tenno, the plat becomes in-game currency and spending this plat later on doesnt mean spending money anymore. And my previous post was talking about "end game players" who mostly dont need to buy plat with money anymore and can get plat just by selling in-game items, and in this context, spending plat or not wont give DE anything.

Someone bought that platinum, it doesn't matter that it wasn't you, all platinum that goes around in trades was bought with real money at some point (platinum that is won from DE can't be traded, unless that changed recently), so DE already got that money. Your trading just keeps the system going, so even when you don't buy the plat, someone else did to be able to trade with you (directly, or indirectly).

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