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Incorrect Energy color on Kubrow with Metus skin


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I have a Chesa Kubrow on which I've used the Charger Metus skin, from the Nidus Deluxe bundle, ever since it was released July 2018.

Its natural energy color is orange, and until recently this was displayed properly by the skin. Since the energy color updates, it is now a blue tone, the 'default' for the Metus skin. Other skins are unaffected (Natural, Underbrush, Drahk, all have orange eyes for example)

A recent hotfix stated that changes were made to correct this issue.

but mine was unaffected. I do not know if this is an isolated case, but others I have spoken to who use the same cosmetic item have the energy tone correctly inherited. 

Before updates:






Note the ribcage. It took quite awhile to get an appearance I liked, so having it stuck another way is irritating. I do like the 'flavor' of kubrows and kavats not having an editable energy color, as it incentivizes breeding more and the use of imprints, but in this case it's a downside.

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