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Revamped Gas City Exploration ("???" Consoles)



So, I finally took the time to explore Gas City a bit in an Exterminate mission, and I found something rather interesting. This involves 2 specific tiles and some sort of challenge within them (or so I presume).

The first tile in question has 3 separate levels/floors.


dErNezT.jpgI noticed this "Access Controller" and seeing that it was shining, shot it. The following happens.



Right outside the room of the "Access Controller" (third/highest floor) previously mentioned, this console is revealed from the shutter opening, and said console has an unusual interaction showing "???".

Activated it will trigger a "Door Override" thing, similar to the Orokin Challenge rooms, with this having a 24 second (if I remember correctly) time limit. However, I noticed no new open doors upon activating it, so I decided to look into the room a bit deeper. I ended up finding 3 additional consoles with the same "???" interaction on them.



This is on the lowest level/floor. It is below the first console on the highest floor (mentioned previously above).



This console is on the other side of the tile, on the second floor/level.



Lastly, there is this door with a console to the left of it, located at the center of the tile on the highest level/floor. I accidentally blocked the view of the console when screenshotting, which is behind my Ivara's head. There is also a console there with the same "???". Interesting to note with this specific console. I notice when triggering this specific console that the countdown for the "Door Override" does not start. I presume from this that the other consoles may need to be triggered in a way to open this specific door.


In the second tile, a rather familiar looking tile, there is a similar challenge (I assume it is one).


There is a "Access Controller" here (I've already shot it :P). Shooting it triggers the same consoles to appear as the first tile had. From what I have found from looking around, there are a total of 3 consoles within this tile that have the "???" interaction.



I did find this locked door in this tile, so I presume that is what the consoles are for.

If anyone figures out (or already knows) how to open those doors, I'd be interested in knowing how. I've spent a little over a hour within this single Exterminate mission trying to figure out how to open those doors. If anyone is wondering why I spent so long trying to open these doors, well, I was curious to see if there were any hidden areas within Gas City (I already found a few of the rather simple ones) since it has been revamped, and the explorer within me is pushing me to figure out what is with those consoles.


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6 minutes ago, IgnarTrankhis said:

If anyone figures out (or already knows) how to open those doors, I'd be interested in knowing how.

I guess this is a strange concept. You could have used the search function, or Google and saved yourself a lot of time.


You shoot the thing that makes a noise. You find that locked door. You then can read the order to activate the terminals off it. The second one is Square>SemiCircle>Triangle. You can read those above the ??? consoles. Hit them in that order and the door opens.

  • The door will be in the same room as the ??? consoles, and the buzzing box.
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The door with the marks: Top to bottom, find the console and activate them in that order. You will be on a time limit, so its best to memorize where the consoles are before attempting it.


Once inside, there will be a purple-ish locker, with things and stuff inside it.


There will be a second door inside there, blast it with void energy from your operator, and get ready for a nice surprise.

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