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[CLAN] [PS4] [Soro Kuran] Clan for solo/PUG players


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A Clan tailor made for the introverted and anti social.  We are a ghost clan with 100% research and zero requirements.

It's basically "my dojo" that I like to make available to others.  There are only two rules.

  • Don't post in the clan chat
  • Don't annoy your fellow Soros

That's it. No MR or participation requirements other than an auto kick after 21 days of being idle.  

You have access to all the research and can even start research should new research become available and I'm not around to kick it off.

This is NOT a mentor clan.  If you want to play the game at your own pace and prefer to play alone or in PUGs, this may be the clan for you.

One spot is open.  Message me here or on PSN for invite.

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