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Can we change defense's default selection to continue?


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It has happened multiple times to me, but I will get distracted in the last few seconds of round 5/10/15/20/etc. Then everyone will leave, and Ill be stuck in the mission for the next five rounds by myself and if I am unable to focus on it because of that distraction (today it was work) I fail or abort, losing all items I gained and a good portion of affinity. Why cant default be to leave rather than stay?

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28 minutes ago, Khrysaes said:

Why cant default be to leave rather than stay?

Your title is asking for “continue” which is battle. Your text asks for extracting. What do you want?


It used to be “extract” if you ignored it. But the community wanted it to be Battle. So, DE changed it to battle. I have to agree that battle is the better option though.

  • the way I see it, battle being the default is more logical. It is with every other endless mission. You have to actively decide to extract. Why should defence be any different?
  • You not paying attention is not DE’s fault. They shouldn’t cater to that.
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