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Gore revamp?


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As stated in the title above are there any plans for expanding on the ingame gore system, what we have so far is pretty fun (only when you have weapons that deal lots of slash damage for that to happen which is a bit annoying) especially when tearing through grineer squads like a meat grinder. But I cant help but feel that aspects been more and more pushed back as new enemy models and assets were introduced ie the corpus unit that deploys a stationary shield in the new jupiter remaster tilesite does not gib whatso ever also like i mentioned before slash damage is the only viable way which kinda makes using stuff like puncture and impact useless to me personally but anyway i would love an expanded gore system akin to something like killing floor 2 or shadow warrior 2 (Shadow warrior using my dynamic gibbing like slicing an enemy in half when attacking from the side) or doom eternal (Shooting off various chunks of an enemy unit before they are killed) granted I understand with the amount of enemies in the game the process would probably be very long which I understand I mean god forbid we all can do everything perfect haha. Would also love gibbable sentient/robotic enemies too since they sorta just collapse then despawn.

But anyway thank you for all your hard effort for making the game how it is and I hope to see more stuff next update and apologies in advance if this isn't the right channel!

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