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Saryn's Toxic Lash bug: Prevents weapon status procs AS CLIENT besides Toxin


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Possibly bugged since Saryn's rework by Pablo

This bug seems to happen only as CLIENT, not as HOST. It seems that Toxic Lash overrides most if not all status procs from your weapon when you have it active. This is a major issue for status-based weapons, and for people playing with Condition Overload on their melee.

Here's a demonstration with a 100% Status, Corrosive-Blast Boar Prime. Notice how a single shot would apply all of my status normally, but as soon as Toxic Lash is active, I can't proc most of them (can't strip armor properly) except Toxin DoT. In fact, it seems the icon for the Toxin status isn't even appearing, making me wonder if it will even register with CO. As soon as I jump down to remove my Toxic Lash, my status-proccing ability has returned.

Note: Test was done in high ping (300ms) from the Simulacrum, but it occurs in any missions I play in as Client, even in less than 100ms. It's quite inconsistent at times, but clearly you can see here that the issue's provable in certain circumstances, enough that it can be detrimental mid-mission.


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On 2019-06-25 at 2:04 PM, [DE]Drew said:

Fixed Client Saryn’s unable to apply a Status Effect if Toxic Lash is active as reported here:


Will test the fix tonight! But this is good news.

Thank you Pablo and co for taking notice ❤️

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