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Limbo augments


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Ive been a limbo main for quite awhile and although his augments are quite useful they arent how you say? Exactly good augments so I aim to make augments that will hopefully be somehow better?

Rift Tear-Banish when casted during cataclysm will tear a hole in the bubble which allies and yourself can shoot through for 3/5/7s.

Dimension Dragger-Rift blitz can now be casted on yourself and allies to put nearby enemies into the rift just by walking up to them while also being able to stay in the rift. Allies who exit the rift while affected also cancels out the rift blitz on themself.

Rift Haven(rework)-All allies who enter the rift heal 2% of their health for every second theyre in the rift however per ally in the rift who are being healed drains Limbo's energy by 2 per ally per second.

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