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New Syndicate Standing Incorrect


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First, it is confusing what ""Daily Standing" means.

Daily standing farmed, or daily standing available?

Turns out it is a bug.

At 0:03 in the video, you can see it says "18000 Daily Standing"
which means "farmed 18000 Daily standing"
(proof: 0:28 I can't trade any more sentient cores for standing)


At 0:50 in the video, you can see it says "24 Daily Standing"
which supposed to mean "farmed 24 daily standing"

but turns out it means "24 Daily standing available"
(proof: 1:21 I can't trade any more Debt Bonds for standing)


I suggest the new UI to be clear is it "Daily Standing Available" or "Daily Standing Collected"
state it clearly and correctly.


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Did you try actually selecting some cores to donate?  I'm 99% sure that at 0:28 when it says "0 Sentient Cores >>> 0 Standing" it means you'll get 0 Standing for donating 0 Cores but if you select some of the Cores up above it'll list the total number of Cores selected and the total amount of Standing you'll get. e.g. "5 Sentient Cores >>> 500 Standing" if you select 5 Intact Sentient Cores.

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You could trade a debt bond for standing though. Pretty much the whole thing would go to waste though since you have a whopping 24 standing available to earn. Also what you're looking at for the bond and sentient cores is the standing earned with the given offer. Which is nothing because you're not trying to offer anything.

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