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Why I Hate Fortuna


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Fortuna is the first part of Warframe that I have ever been able to say I despise. It is the first portion I have attempted to complete as quickly as possible so I could never see it again. What is it that I dislike? The characters are good, the story is fine, so what makes me hate it? The misleading loot. The fact that you can have well over 300 of the supposedly "rare" ores before you see even a single batch of "common" ore. That you can farm for 3 hours with a Nekros and a drop booster and never see a single Sola Toroid, that the ores and fish bits you do get are effectively useless within a couple of farming sessions because of the shear volume of the supposedly "rare" resources you get that double, triple, or even x5  the volume of "common" resources that are actually needed in almost every crafting recipe. It is a tedious, annoying, and pointless bottleneck that has no reason to exist, and I hate Fortuna for it.

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