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Kubrow and Kavat attachments STILL not working on some patterns


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As stated on previous posts such as.



This is still a thing and is an annoying problem.
Obviously this action was chosen because of clipping issues, but also obviously we know that there is plenty of clipping with many other things.
Warframe Syandanas, Attachments and weapons visible while holstered.
Imagine if we couldn't equip any attachments or Syandanas on any warframes if they had a Deluxe skin equipped, would be rather limiting.
I can understand why not many people speak up about this because it's just part of a companion whose AI is more "A" then "I" and can even forget how to Teleport and end up staying in his/her own corner for the rest of the mission. (I know you've been there)
Every time I come back to using my companions I'm always hoping that the options of attachments mixed with these patterns would return...  But still they haven't.
There's plenty of clipping, but there are some sets that honestly don't look bad and probably even add character to it.

I took the time to piece together these two pictures to show you just basically what I mean.
Please, DE, either rectify the clipping and give us the attachments on these patterns, or don't-... but give us the attachments anyway, like how you once did when we had the placeholder for the H-charger. (again, examples are in the pictures)
Thank you.

BACKUP LINK: https://sta.sh/21unvfg8aqo3?edit=1


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