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Request for a small QoL addition to Nekros' Soul Survivor Augment


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Heyo, first Forum thread I've started after a few long and enjoyable years with the game, lemme know if this is in the wrong spot. This seemed like the most relevant place for my request. 

TL;DR at the bottom~ Open the Spoiler!

This will lead in to why I'm asking for this particular Quality of Life adjustment, so lemme just preface this by saying that I consider myself to be a Nekros main. I love playing him and have attempted to use him (with and with-not-as-much success) in various content, from the more common purposes like survivals and lootframe squads, to the relatively later-game Arbitrations, Profit-Taker (this one went badly but I swear I'll make it work) and Exploiter (imo I look really, freaking cool jumping on cranky ice spider). 

Basically I'm just saying I use Nekros quite a bit. More recently, I've been taking Ol' Bone Daddy to Eidolon hunts. Put away the pitchforks, I'm well aware this is non-meta, and he is apparently useless to teams, so I'll just say this: I'm not trying to ruin anyone's day, only here to have fun and enjoy the game in my own way. I only run this in Public squads, and I've made every effort to set up my loadout such that everything else is useful to my team, be that Unairu Wisp, Sarpa armor shred, or taking on the role of shooting all the limbs out when I get queued with less well-equipped players. 

And my efforts to contribute to my team led me to this!:

<Soul Survivor> - Soul Punch Augment : Use on a downed ally to revive him with 30% Health. Nekros's Energy will be consumed.

The current description of the maxed (Rank 3) augment. It seems weird, and I'll admit it is. In the ideal hunts where nobody drops to the ground, this augment doesn't hold any value. And in such situations, yep, my Nekros isn't contributing to the team at all. 

Back to the topic though... I have absolutely zero issue with anything listed on the augment. I look back now and see I scribbled up a sizable wall of text (happens when Nekros is involved) but the QoL change I'm requesting seems to me to be quite simple.

Please add momentary invulnerability to entities that are revived by the Soul Survivor augment. 

More weird things. For the sake of saying it, reviving players through normal means (standing on them and holding Interact, Vazarin's Mending Soul instant revives) grants them brief invulnerability while they go through the animation of getting back on their feet. About 4 seconds, rough guesstimate. Just enough for them to have a chance to move out of danger. I'm not asking for a meta-changer where people drop themselves and get back up with 15s of invulnerability to whack enemies (Eidolons?) around freely, I just want it to be more in line with expectations, to be consistent with other revives. So the context is this, with a colorful narrative accompaniment:

Perfect Eidolon hunts are few in Public. People do drop, and very often they opt to die and revive themselves. Sometimes, they don't instantly mash that button and that's where I come aim gliding in. I punch them. I punch their cats. I'll punch a dog as soon as someone actually brings one to hunts. They revive! Everyone's happy, but wait! The Gantulyst called down a Sun Laser with power equal to all of 1/10th of Wisp! This particular, very specific scenario is what prompted this thread. I can punch my teammate, but before their frame stands back up, their health has burned away.

I try to rouse crit kitties from their naps in the rays of sunshine with a healthy knuckle sandwich but they're too rooted in their feline ways -- they go right back to lying down in the intense heat. And I'm left flabbergasted, without any energy, because that is how Soul Survivor do. The cats aside, my teammates don't typically enjoy flailing around. I promise them that I can pick them up. But they get downed almost as soon as I expend every bloop of Energy attempting, expecting that they'll rejoin the fight. As it stands, I'm left to wait for whatever persistent hazard to end, such as the Sun Lasers, or revive by hand (Not Soul Punch hand) to properly get them back in the game. 

And so, it's unpleasant for both me and my teammate when this occurs. I use an ability that should do X, and sacrifice all my energy for it. My teammate sees their self rising up, but they don't even get a chance to move before getting incapacitated again. Really, I can just throw down an energy pizza and recast Soul Punch. But there's no benefit to that -- If I try, I deplete my energy just to have my teammate start onto their feet only to topple over again. I would gladly throw away 10 energy restoratives if that's what it took to guarantee my fellow player can get back to playing. The energy isn't my concern.

Like I stated back at the beginning of my post, I'm not playing this loadout to make others suffer, and by Nora, reviving them over and over for them to die in the same spot is torture. I'm not even sure they can self-revive during the animations. Naturally I don't attempt to revive people with the augment anymore after realizing the lack of safety while getting up from this method, but I get the feeling it doesn't make much sense that I have to choose between using the standard revive method or Soul Survivor. 

While I may be the only person in the Warframe universe to attempt these hijinks, I would greatly appreciate any consideration towards this thread and the change I hope to see. I am very capable of playing around this difficulty but I don't think there's much meaning to the struggle.

I'll try to sum this all up. Here's the TL;DR.


Nekros main here, bringing <Soul Survivor> augment to Eidolon hunts. Gantulyst fires off giant lasers from the sky, Hydrolyst electrifies a large area of land under itself. Persistent hazards like this deal high continuous damage, which often down allies almost as soon as I revive them with aforementioned augment, because they are immediately susceptible to damage after I restore a portion of their health. Conventional revives do grant invulnerability upon finishing the revive interaction, allowing fallen teammates the chance to reposition to safer locations.

I would like this brief invulnerability to be applied to those revived by the Soul Survivor augment, to the effect that it doesn't make me feel like I wasted my energy for nothing, and that my teammates don't feel they're wasting time not-quite-getting-up repeatedly when they could just use one of their revives and be done with it.

With this, thank you for reading, if indeed you did through all my rambling. I know I wrote a lot, but as I said once this is the first thread I've started since joining the game and I pray it was a tolerable read, if not enjoyable. I'm sure it's only a small group of players that use this augment, but it would mean a lot to me if the Dev Team would take a look at this all. Wrapping up soon, I didn't really make this post for the purpose of getting others' feedback, but I realize putting an idea out there means opening it up to debate, so I ask as humbly as I can to please keep any responses and thoughts constructive. I won't claim to have looked at this from every angle, so maybe there will be disagreement somewhere. I could have missed considering some factor or other. The change I proposed is absolutely limited in how many scenarios it would fix. Outside of Eidolons, I can really only think of the Mutalist Tar Moas' yellow goop causing a similar problem. 


P.S. I need someone to make a picture of Gantulyst enlisting Wisps to float in the sky violently blasting Sol Gates down onto the Plains. For science. Thanks

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Necro main here. I feel your pain. I made a suggestion in another thread I started about having soul punch with a charge-up mechanic.  Can quick punch for the classic Graveyard Pimp-Slap or charge it for other effects.  Those include using more energy for a stronger revive.  Ideally an invuln period would be best but since I doubt we'll ever get that I tried to give a compromise. Maybe they could give it invuln if we depleted a full energy bar as opposed to just the requirements for the augment (think it's 50 if I remember) 

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