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So like... Can we have Aerial Charged Power Throws back?


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Since the Melee 2.54321 update, I don't like glaives losing the mechanic. I waited the 1st month to see if I'd get over the loss before expressing discontent... but ended up taking a hiatus from the game & never got around to.


The Aerial Charged Power Throw was one of the more cooler, responsive, flashier, rewarding & better mechanical additions to the gameplay system. I mean it felt good just pulling the move off. Please allow its return


And I think the the Wolf Sledge would greatly benefit from the mechanic as well AND should be able to preform ACPT too... Yes, it is just so that I can get my Thor on

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2 minutes ago, GinKenshin said:

simply differentiating between Hold E and pressing E should solve this imo. Hold to throw/shoot (redeember/sarpa) and press to slam 

Yeah, I agree I would think that having the 2 options co-exist wouldn't be hard. But I'm not a game developer soo... *shrug*

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