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Eidolon Lures won't follow (possibly after killing them with lockdown)

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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Four times, Four different lures in Three different runs wouldn't  follow me after hacking.


I shot them, hacked them, then void dashed away - they stayed and wouldn't follow.  

Picked up different lures that would follow.

Returned to the stuck ones - its interface said press x to hold, so I pressed x to tell it to stay (it was staying anyway), then prompt changed to press x to follow, so I pressed x again, and void dashed away - wouldn't follow.

Repeated above but this time used archwing - still wouldn't follow

Repeated again but this time just ran away as my warframe - still wouldn't follow.

tried to get them to follow even though the prompt said press x to hold position thinking maybe the text got it backwards. Still wouldn't follow.

killed an eidolon, returned - now it was charged - still wouldn't follow.

In all cases I was Trin/VS/Lockdown.  In all cases, other lures worked fine. (although in one mission TWO lures got stuck this way).  In all cases I was host.

I believe in all cases lockdown killed them. (although it also killed the ones that worked properly.)

Three lures were at Geyser pond - two close to door, one ocean side.  The fourth lure that was stuck was at the lakes edge.

wasted minutes $&*^ing around with them.



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