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Recent change to Cryotra on Djinn?


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Ever since discovering the amazing Cryotra and equipping it on Djinn, I've noticed a couple changes over the past few hot fixes!

1) At some point, Djinn's eye started to noticeably glow more with Cryotra equipped. Kind of a War of the Worlds deadly robot kind of look (only infested). And to match that glowing eye, he would shoot a white laser beam from his eye with Cryotra!

2) As of last hot fix, Djinn's glowing eye now shoots a particulate white mist from his eye when equipped with Cryotra. It certainly doesn't look like War of the Worlds anymore! Cryotra still applies that Blast/Electric status I mod'd it for very reliably... it just looks less spectacular!

EDIT: Maybe the glowing eye is just a general change - or maybe even something I didn't even notice before! - because it still glows with Stinger equipped. Anyway, it very much does shoot a particulate white mist now when it used to shoot a white laser beam.

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