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More Set Mods?


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Hey guys! Thought it was more appropriate to put this within "General" instead of "Warframes" or "Weapons" since it involves both equally.

Anyways, a lot of people seem to want better rewards for Syndicates and various game modes, as well as more potential build variety. One way I can see this being fixed is with Set Mods fitting thematically with the play style and general theme of the faction or game mode it represents. We have a similar situation with Disruption and the new "Motus", "Aero", and "Vantage" mods, but typically the only mod from these sets that sees regular use is [Motus Setup] (with some of the others having niche application, like [Aero Vantage]'s synergy with Wisp's Passive). If any mods have had any significance to the Build meta, it would have to be the [Vigilante], [Augur], [Hunter], and [Gladiator] mod sets from PoE, and these new Set Mods would hopefully have a similar level of use instead of only 1 in 9.


Anyways, here are my ideas for Set Mods for the Primary Syndicates:




Steel Meridian: Vaykor Set

Set Bonus: +3 Justice; +90% Critical Damage for 12 seconds following a Blast Proc on an enemy

[Vaykor Hell's Chamber] +100% Multishot (Cannot Stack with [Hell's Chamber]); Shotgun Mod

[Vaykor Haste] +100% Reload Speed; Shotgun Mod

[Vaykor Discharge] +30% Fire, +30% Cold; Primary Mod

[Vaykor Burden] -30% Sprint Speed, +100% Armor; Warframe Mod

[Vaykor Riot] +30% Fire Rate while Sprinting; Warframe Mod

[Vaykor Retaliate] Restore +100 Shield per Kill (Up to +500 Overshield); Warframe Mod

Set Generalization: Emphasis on "Run and Gun" tactics; creates a more "Doom 2016" style of play, Sprinting Maneuvers


Red Veil: Rakta Set

Set Bonus: +3 Blight; Invisibility for 12 seconds following a Viral Proc on an enemy

[Rakta Point Strike] +120% Critical Chance (Cannot Stack with [Point Strike]); Rifle Mod

[Rakta Trajectory] +100% Projectile Flight Speed; Rifle Mod

[Rakta Fever] +30% Toxin, +30% Cold; Primary Mod

[Rakta Shadow] +70% Critical Chance while Invisible; Warframe Mod

[Rakta Force] +30% Critical Damage while Gliding; Warframe Mod

[Rakta Execute] Finisher Kill Animation = 0s; Warframe Mod

Set Generalization: High Damage and Stealth, Gliding Maneuvers


Arbiters of Hexis: Telos Set

Set Bonus: +3 Truth;  +120% Status Duration following a Gas Proc on an enemy

[Telos Serration] +120% Damage (Cannot Stack with [Serration]); Rifle Mod

[Telos Penetration] -100% Impact, +100% Puncture; Rifle Mod

[Telos Haze] +30% Toxin, +30% Heat; Primary Mod

[Telos Competence] +40% Power Efficiency; Warframe Mod

[Telos Condensate] +25 Energy per Double Jump; Warframe Mod

[Telos Mutate] Gas procs increase Power Strength by 30% for 5 Seconds; Warframe Mod (Aura)

Set Generalization: Crowd Control and Ability Use (Gas + Puncture Procs & Power Strength + Efficiency Synergy), Double Jump Maneuvers


Cephalon Suda: Synoid Set

Set Bonus: +3 Entropy;  +120% Ability Range following a Magnetic Proc on an enemy

[Synoid Aptitude] +90% Status Chance (Cannot Stack with [Rifle Aptitude]); Rifle Mod

[Synoid Mute] Reduces "Alarming" Noise level to within 0m (Silent); Rifle Mod

[Synoid Tesla] +30% Cold, +30% Electric; Primary Mod

[Synoid Coil] -100% Friction, +50% Speed while Sliding; Warframe Mod

[Synoid Charge] Restore 100 Shield/s while Sliding; Warframe Mod

[Synoid Conduction] Magnetic Procs on Warframe Reduce energy by 0/s; Warframe Mod (Aura)

Set Generalization: Shield Control; Sliding Maneuvers


New Loka: Sancti Set

Set Bonus: +3 Purity;  +120% Armor for 12 seconds following a Corrosive Proc on an enemy

[Sancti Shredder] +90% Slash (Cannot Stack with [Shredder]); Shotgun Mod

[Sancti Conjure] 100% Chance to Refund 1 Round per Kill; Shotgun Mod

[Sancti Corrode] +30% Toxin, +30% Electric; Primary Mod

[Sancti Iron] -50% Shields, +200% Armor; Warframe Mod

[Sancti Breach] Reduce enemy armor by 50% per Jump Kick; Warframe Mod

[Sancti Clot] Received Slash procs heal 10 health/s; Warframe Mod (Aura)

Set Generalization: Armor and Slash synergies, Jump Kick Maneuvers


Perrin Sequence: Secura Set

Set Bonus: +3 Sequence;  enemies affected by Radiation procs are open to finishers for 12 seconds following a Radiation Proc on an enemy

[Secura Brunt] +90% Impact (Cannot Stack with [Shredder]); Rifle Mod

[Secura Bumper] Self Damage Reduced to 0, Knockdown increased by 100%; Rifle Mod

[Secura Fusion] +30% Heat, +30% Electric; Primary Mod

[Secura Rebound] 100+ Faster Knockdown Recovery; Warframe Mod

[Secura Stagger] Enemies staggered by Impact Procs are open to finishers; Warframe Mod (aura)

[Secura Acrobat] 90% Chance to Resist Knockdown for 4 seconds after Rolling; Warframe Mod

Set Generalization: Crowd Control (Impact and Radiation procs), Rolling Maneuvers



This of course is just the tip of the iceberg: other set mods could be associated to things like Sanctuary Onslaught, Index, Vox Solaris etc.


I'm sure the mods listed in the spoiler are potentially overpowered as listed, but the important thing is the concepts and variety of gameplay they encourage. Please let me know your thoughts!

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