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Option to use unarmed animation set when in melee mode

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With the fact that melee will most likley never get their own animation sets like primary and secondary weapons, it would be nice if we could use the unarmed idle pose and animation while in melee. This would not be as hard as it can be done but requires constantly reequipping a scanner in order to get there. Additionally, it will allow players to fashion frame even more in missions.

Example: My fashion frame for nidus makes him look like Marvel's Carnage. In order to really sell the look, I use the nidus agile stance to make him look menacing. However, whenever I use my melee weapon, it no longer sticks to my chosen animations and just goes to default. The only way I can use the animation is by equipping my guns which is annoying since Carnage does not even use guns nor do I like when the guns are out. It breaks the cosplay for me. Also, I like using melee more than guns any way so that just adds to my annoyance. 

This also becomes a problem when wisp is always walking/running with melee out which really sucks as it really sticks out like a sore thumb.

If we could at least just get this as an option it would make things so much better.

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