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Have A Different Way To Rank Up (Plz)


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because i Rank 9 now...but i keep Struggling between using my Favorite Gear or use my Lever-up-and-sell Gear in a Mission D:


Plus some people agree to help me in a 120 lv cap map...and Bring lv 1-5 Equipment to help me =.=! (i feel them, not complain but kinda feel suck)


so can you guy make another way to rank up ? The lv Equipment/War frame way can stay...As a Bonus way

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Or do what I do, and run low lvl stuff to lvl gear up. I like to challenge my self, so I will run missions with maxed out melee and low lvl prim and seceded, and JUST melee the whole time. Its HELA fun.

If you do this solo, ok. But you don't get affinity for your primary and secondary weapon from your melee kills.

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