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Failed arbitration because of host migration


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Failed 2 arbitrations today. One I had gotten a condition overload, and the second a coaction drift. I lost both of those rewards because the target was killed during a host migration. How can this keep happening, and how can I fix it? This makes arbitrations even riskier than before. 

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Host Migrations are Glitchy

DE is in no position to fix it; there's only a single network specialist programmer on their team at the moment.


To reduce the chances of a Host Migration

play Solo, or continuously join and abort arbitrations till you get a session where You're the Host.

or play with a Recruited group so you can all agree that whoever is Host won't leave before everyone else is ready


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That's not a great solution. Warframe has been around how long? And they can't fix this problem?? They fix other glitches that are minor and to me this is a really big problem. More time should go into fixing this above everything else. When we as gamers lose our rewards it makes us angry and unmotivated to play. If we don't want to play the game as much then we're definitely not going to spend money on it. 

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