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Should past Nightwave stories be available in Codex?

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If Nightwave is a recurring series with limited time stories, there is a lot of lore involved in the transmissions Nora weaves for us.

The wiki should not be a bandaid resource for lore collection, which at this point it is as not many past events, if really any, are well documented in-game outside rewards most of the time. This goes for a lot of subjects, but we'll be focusing on this topic for this specific discussion.

Should the codex have a section dedicated to Nightwave where you may freely rewatch Nora's transmissions, and actually document our past instead of glazing over yet more lore to move onto another forgettable story lost to time?

Should past events be documented in-game the same way, so we may see how these struggles have shaped the Warframe universe as it currently stands?


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