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a "male hunter frame with own dog" and a "tech frame with own robotic"


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I love playing Khora, great defense with kill power. 

just like her having own cat, it would be nice to see 2 new frame I describe in title: "A hunter frame that has his own kubrow" and "A tech frame that uses his/her own sentinel/moa". the tech one might be 2 separate frames, one to use sentinel and other to use moa.

this is just a start-up concept to catch attention and to think about for future. so I don't have any idea about their powers. the main line here is to use their own companions.

give your opinions and upvotes if you like the idea.

(by the way, don't say "we have khora, why a similar new one?". we got many frames that use same elemental with different shapes of skills, like fire, sound, electricity)

edit: with about 2 months interval for new frames, next being a male, and DEs probably having something else in mind, what I here wrote about would not be possible to see next 5-6 months, so no hurries 🙂 ideas need time to bake out results.

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Basically the Hunter like World of Warcraft as a Warframe

I want to say yes to your suggestion but then Khora already exists unless you plan to make him all about laying traps but then again that's why Vauban exists only problem hes doesnt have a pet. 

Male version to khora is a nice base idea but there would be no point to that since Khora already exists unless he has a unique skill set to him that is completely different to khora then maybe I see it working with the pet being the at the center for the warframe abilities.

Plus there is pet AI that needs a rework before we could even consider that warframe.

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I am not much of a pet guy, as I am attached to helios prime. but I also love playing khora and venari comes as package deal 😛

we need an update for the pets in the game to be more flexible to choose in loadouts, just like robotics. but that is another story.

while playing khora is fun, that took me to think about having male frame with a dog. it might be a redesign of current frames, or complete new frame with new abilities.

nidus, for example, is a natural infected-infector and could use his own helminth charger. but his skill set is not compatible to do that. better to have another infection master for this.

in my opening post, I used "hunter" word, but that is not necessarily required to be. it is a genetic modification era (each kubrow type is genetically modified) the companion might be the main aspect of skill set unlike khora. and skill are not for taming, but more of creating divergence. focused directly on killing instead of defending.

 … brain out of order ...

😄 cant think of anything else at the moment 😄



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