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Framerate issues (Sapphire Vega 64 + Ryzen 2600x)


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Hey, all.

So, I've been having issues with Warframe dropping FPS.  In the orbiter, I can get upwards of 200+ FPS, but the moment I'm in a mission, it drops down to about 70 to 90, and when the action gets hot in Hydron, it can drop down to 40 or so.  Obviously, that's still really good by most standards, but the point is this: I spent a lot of money on a GPU, and most games run awesome.  Doom 2016 runs at over 200 FPS on Ultra, but Warframe's performance can't match that, even with all settings down to minimum.  Maybe I'm being petty, but with a Vega 64, I expect WF to run at similar speeds without any issues.

So, I guess I'm wondering now if Warframe just doesn't play well with AMD builds, but I've heard nothing similar online.  Anyone have any input?

GPU: Radeon Sapphire Vega 64 (Reference) clocked at 1632MHz at 1080mV

Memory Frequency: 970MHz Max, at 980mV

CPU: Ryzen 2600X

OS: WIndows 10, current build

MOBO: MSI B450 Gaming PLUS

RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB 16GB at 2133 (MOBO hates this RAM, will not clock higher no matter what settings I use, currently talking with both MSI and Corsair.  Maybe the RAM speed is the problem?)

Any help, advice, or input is very much appreciated.  Thank you.

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You are fine mate. I think after the resent patch that DE put out, I think it has hurt performance. 

I'm running an AMD Ryzen 7 2700x and a RTX 2060 with 16GB of G. Skill ram. I use to get a constant 144FPS, I still when I am in the orbiter, however once I play a mission I get horrible fps drops, from 144 to 50 which is crazy. Before I would get a constant 144 without my pc breaking a sweat. I hope DE fixes this issue soon.

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I have had issues as well with my CPU and GPU as of 25.1.1! Every time I enter my operator or warframe, my game goes from 120FPS to 25FPS. I dont know why it does that.

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