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I have a concept for a tenno only lunaro-like 4v4 event, where:


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1. Clem is the referee that runs around in random direction.

2. Only occur on an open space snowy tile that has hills of snow on it.

4. Npc such as vent kids and cetus kids should also part of the teams (at the very least with simple animation)

3. Its a tenno only pvp, as already mention, so player movement will be limited. each tenno is equipped with an arcata.

4. The arcata is used as a primary weapon that has infinite ammo and only shoots projectile with cold damage... only cold damage

5. Each team spawn on their designated fort like structure made of grineer inflatable walls and snows (childern npcs can be station here)

6. The prices should be some focus points for every hit

7. Its an event that comes out every winter. 

8. The one that send the invite should be the child npcs


Ps: yes i’m talking about a snow fight.

If you like the concept then call someone from the dev team to show up. 

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