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Decaying Battalyst

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I have two problems regarding Sentients...


1- In the codex, there is a description of the spawn location for the Battalyst (Moon), but the location for the Conculyst (???) does not appear.
I imagine that many will respond that he appears on the Moon too... Of course! I know!! The purpose here is not to know where it appears. The purpose here is to fix the codex.

The same thing seems to happen with Decaying Conculyst and Decaying Battalist...
I say that, because I just completed Decaying Conculyst...
Since I could not complete the Decaying Battalyst, I'm not sure if it appears or not.


2- I can not find the Decaying Conculyst and Decaying Battalyst...
I've done several runs on the Moon and in the second Octavia's Anthem mission and I can not find them!!!
Now...  I really need a hint, where the Decaying Battalyst appears !!

To be honest, I can not remember how I was able to complete the Decaying Conculyst...
Today, I just realized that the Decaying Battalyst, is just needing another scan to finishing.

I should be very grateful if these details could be revised in codex.

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I would just like to correct that the Decaying Battalyst appear in Octavia's Anthem quest, but only from the third mission.
I was able to complete the codex, but the spawn location, only appears in Battalyst...
The others do not show their respective spawn points.

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