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Baro Ki' Teer Items missing


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Hello, on last Baro Ki'teer's visit I bought 6 stalker beacons then when I checked my gear I only had 1 beacon, in addition to that I lost the ducats for those items. I have contacted the Warframe support for issues like this one with primed mods and I was told that I did not buy them, but now again happened the same issue and I was farming items to sell for ducats for hours and now I am missing both ducats and stalker beacons, I would like to ask you to investigate the issue, and if possible get a refund either of the ducts or the beacons, I have been a supportive member of warframe and I love the game and your work but please the support need some changes and be more responsive and helpful with our issues.

Kind regards, 
Thank you in advance, 

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