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Boa tarde gente,tudo bem com vocês?

Uma coisa que  conversado com um amigo no jogo enquanto fazíamos Missões em esquadrão e percebi uma coisa, geralmente as coisas que pegamos nas Missões(créditos,jóias,etc) só vale pra uma pessoa que pegar tipo,se eu pego um cristal Argon numa missão em esquadrão(exceto em relíquias void) o companheiro não recebe o mesmo,eu penso o seguinte, se estamos jogando em grupo,e cada um faz sua parte,captura,outro busca recursos,etc deveríamos receber o msm que o outro no final de cada missão não acham??(novamente digo,exceto Missões de relíquias void)

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25 minutes ago, (XB1)Muchilla08 said:

Good afternoon guys, how are you?

One thing I talked to a friend in the game while we were doing Squad Missions and I noticed something, usually the things we got in the Missions (credits, jewels, etc) only apply to a person who picks up a type if I get an Argon crystal on a mission in squadron (except in void relics) the companion does not receive the same, I think the following, if we are playing in group, and each one does his part, catch, other search features, etc. we should receive msm as the other at the end of each mission does not find ?? (again I say, except void relics missions)


As nice as this feature would be, you're only prone to have people AFK more. It'll pretty much be like Bounties and peeps going off to fish. 

Dropping a waypoint is already a fair enough method, and if done right marks the resource on the minimap/drops a marker on screen for everyone to see. 

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Legal. (Sorry, that it's the only thing I learned on my visit to Brazil.) 

But yeah, the stuff you pick up is your reward. But if someone else comes to the same spot they can get it too. Like sleepychewbacca said try dropping waypoints on useful items, like syndicate tokens or ayatan statues, special mods, rare rewards like argon crystals, tellurium or toroids. 

In some missions it's common to have people ask you to mark those. 


Welcome to Warframe, Tenno. 

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