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A proposition for Titania (with a thought or two on Mirage)


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First, my thoughts on Mirage
Mirage is in a fairly good spot as things are. I would only say that two things might be needed to smooth out some issues that I personally find with her. 
First is her 2. It's almost useful. Granted it's a handy stun, but it doesn't give you any other openings than that. I would like to see this open bad guys to finishers and remove the strange Darkness and Light effects, giving it a standardized effect; and possibly give it a buff in darkness over that for flavor. Lastly it needs a bigger pull on the baddies attention, sometimes I've found them completely ignored even when bad guys were in an unaware state.
Second is her 3. It's absurd. gaining a huge damage bonus OR huge damage resistance that can't be directly controlled? Not exactly versatile. Good with the augment that allows sharing it during Eidolon hunting I suppose, guaranteeing at least a big tank buff. To make it easier to use, I say that these would be best rolled together with an added amount to either one depending on light levels so there can be a more uniform bonus.
That's all I can think of, she's already an Almost-Awesome Frame, just needs a little ironing out.

But back to the focus, Titania is not an Almost-Awesome Frame. She's pretty bad. The issue is that I can't help but really like her! Her 4 is really the name of the game with Titania, which is OK but a little unfortunate. Also, unlike Mirage when she got her prime, Titania had more recently had a touch-up, which as a Solo-player were almost useless save for the much-needed energy pool getting deeper. Nice to see though.

Passive: Just give +25% bullet jump and roll to all friendlies in Affinity range. Then we don't lose our passive when we press 4.

Spellbind: Her 1 is fine and reflects that in the most recent rework. However I'd like a more usable amount of range, like 3/4/5/6 meters and to not interrupt movement since it's cast with bad guys in LoS. It's a first ability that costs 25-energy, I don't see too much more needed from it.

Her 2 on the other hand, is junk. Even with the instant-full effect I find it to be bad. The answer to all of your needs that her 2 can provide is "Press 4". Need bad guys to not hit you? Don't rummage around for a soul for Dust, just hit 4. Your murderbugs will keep up to six of them busy and not shooting you at a 100% rate, as well as a flat 50% evasion and Aviator seems to work now for some much-needed DR! Need Thorns to reflect damage? Nope, just press 4 and your murderbugs will deal damage right to the bad guys and prevent theirs to begin with. Entangle to slow your foes? Nope, press 4 and the murderbugs keep them busy again. Full Moon to buff the murderbugs? Sure, but you're already pressing 4 so you have your own damage buffed a hecking ton. Much more than doubling the damage that the bugs could do.
Wow, what can be done to solve this? I posit simply moving the Razorflies to their own ability. Press 2 to summon a murderbug that remains in play until killed, and further casting spawns another bug up to the limit of six or so, possibly effected by stats. Nifty nerfs on basic baddies are OK, but shutting them down like the Murderbugs do is something I greatly prefer, just a shame that they are currently so limited. I'd also like them to focus down targets effected by Spellbind, dealing bonus damage and maybe some other fun effects or applying status, making Titania's 1 useful even against enemies immune to the CC.
If there is still cause to keep Titania's buffs in place, why not just apply them for a duration whenever her 2 is cast? There's room to apply one and refresh the stacks of buffs to everyone with each press, or possibly a growing one that effects the distance at which enemies can detect you, their hit chance and a bit of damage reduction that I would associate with fairy dust. I'd also prefer Spellbind's status null moved here and that its casting doesn't interrupt movement. And yes, my intention is an ability that's recast every 30 seconds to keep the buffs rolling; no different than Octavia, Chroma, Nidus, Gara or a few others. I envision Titania playing like a more mobile Mesa with these changes, keep up the buffs and then occasionally use a flying Peacemaker sans aimhack on tough stuff.
That's a lot to go through, but I can summarize;

Change the name 😜
Change energy cost to 50
Summons one Razorfly and applies a cover and concealment buff. The Razorfly remains until killed and the buff lasts about 30 seconds. Recasting summons additional Razorflies up to the maximum and refreshes the timer of the buff while improving it another stage. Each stack of the buff adds 10% evasion, 10% Damage reduction and lowers enemies detection range by 10%.This is intended to be kinda weird, since we're talking about Shakespearean Faeries. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" had a lot of subversion in the plot.

Titania's 3 was given some good buffs, but I find issue with it too. The main problem to me is the requirement of a target. You can't simply proactively drop some CC and then hack a target or perform another action on an objective, you must use it when the enemy is already upon you. This can be deadly when playing solo, which I predominantly do. So creating a lantern at the point of aim would be best IMO. This is a good excuse for some nifty effects of will-o-wisps dancing in swirls of faerie fire. Looks are important in Warframe after all and this would look amazing with dual-color energy! ;3
I'd also like to see some scaling damage per enemy charmed by the lantern to provide more AoE, enough to clear basic fodder enemies when the duration ends at least. I'm unsure of the percentage of enemy health, armor and shields to use, possibly 20% per enemy affected.  If not that, how about building up some damage with gunfire like Nova does on her Antimatter Drop? (though certainly with a lower damage cap, oh hekk!)

Lastly her 4, where she truly shines. I already offered the change to move the Razorflies to replace her 2, so what's left? More quality of life improvements. Vacuum was already added and it is lovely, 10/10, but she still handles like a floating tub. To fix that she needs a much greater acceleration and deceleration to feel less like an air hockey puck and more like a nimble pixie that I would expect her to.

Those are my thoughts on what would be the best changes for our malicious, little pixie. I can hope that a rework by the time of her Prime helps her become more versatile and certainly more solo-worthy, but what other opinions are floating around the Origin System here?

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