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Suggestion: Make level layout more ninja-friendly


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For those who play games such as Titanfall (2) and Apex legends, the level layout in these games (single and multiplayer) are much more "ninja friendly" than Warframe. 

If you don't play I suggest you have a look at Titanfall gameplay and see what I mean. It is much easier to wall jump and maneuver around the map.

As a result I suggest fixing not only the way wall-jumping works to make it more smooth and with momentum, but also fix level design. Make the map more vertical, add more walls and obstacles that can be easily jumped from and to, and most of all, get rid of those pesky doors.

If there is any way you guys can help me (suggestions of how to fix the layout) and hopefully DE fix walljumping, that would be great. Being a ninja is probably the main reason many people play, other than fashion frame and clem of course. I hope to in the future find solutions to send to DE as template level designs.

Thanks guys!

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Comparing procedurally-generated maps with unique maps, done

Anyway, they've started doing that with the Jupiter rework, but in the end, not much can be done in that regard due to the excessive mobility we have in game. The only solution would be to create narrow corridors with dangerous stuff below (like that one spy vault on Earth), but that would be so painful to navigate in that nobody would even care about this map.

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