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The Index broke


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So i did a low risk index match, and somebody else joined. We finished it and decided to go for a high risk match as well. 96/100 points in he leaves the group, i get host migrated and end up in the same 96/100 match alone. I end up getting the last 4 index points, deliver them...and the timer just keeps going down...
I had to wait 2 minutes for the timer to finish, and when it finally did, nothing happened , i wasn't given the reward screen, i wasn't removed from the match, just nothing. 
I ended up aborting the match since i couldn't do anything else. and afterwards when i looked at the amount of credits i have... 0 change. 
I invested 80k credits and was supposed to get a sum total of 275k credits in return. I got nothing from either of them.

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