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Nintendo Switch The Jovian Concord: Update 25.0.8 (+Hotfixes)

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The Jovian Concord: Update 25.0.8


Something sinister is stirring in the Gas City.    
Rumors are circulating of an alliance between Alad V and our most feared enemy -- the Sentients. Infiltrate the remastered Corpus Gas City on Jupiter, drive your blade through Amalgam horrors, unlock the power of the Wisp Warframe, and shine a light on this sinister Corpus plot.    

The download size for this update is roughly ~1.5 GB. 

This update brings Warframe’s total size to around ~22 GB on Nintendo Switch. For our Tenno out there who have not equipped their Nintendo Switch with an SD card and have no other games downloaded, this will update will bring Warframe extremely close to the base memory allowance. We have done remaster updates in the past to make room with newer updates, but it will become increasingly difficult to maintain this as more content becomes available to our Nintendo Switch Tenno.

We want to give you an early heads up that managing and/or adding space on your Nintendo Switch (depending on what you have downloaded on it) will be necessary to accept the next major update on Nintendo Switch.  

We thank you for your understanding! 


Put your parkour skills to the test in the the vast and viscous aura of the Remastered Jupiter Gas City tileset, featuring completely remastered graphics, tilesets and audio design in each tile.    
During your missions, storm your way past gas harvesters and massive reactors to expose the inner workings of a corporation overruled by the greedy obsessor, Alad V. New Vapos Corpus variants stalk the many corridors alongside those instructed to maintain the integrity of the Gas City from....intruders. Tread carefully, as some Vapos Corpus have been equipped with all new Vector Shields.    
But don’t stare too long into the colossal golden sky surrounding this floating empire. You might see something you wish you hadn’t.    

Hexenon - A reagent commonly used to produce highly combustible fuel.    
Acquire this new Resource throughout the reworked Jupiter Gas City for crafting related items such as Wisp, Komorex, and more.

Deep within the walls of the Gas City, the Corpus are making full use of Sentient technology. You’ll stand toe-to-toe against the Amalgams -- nightmarish Corpus and Sentient hybrid beings. Is this a partnership or a parasitic conjuration?    


As we've done in the past, this new Game Mode is being debuted in an Operation! More information on Operation: HOSTILE MERGERS can be found here:


Travel to Ganymede, Jupiter and survive the all-new endless Disruption mode. Collect keys from fallen Amalgams to activate corresponding conduits, then protect the conduits from the Demolysts that will seek to destroy them. Each conduit will trigger a random player boon, environmental hazard or enemy buff. Test your strength against the Amalgams to earn new Weapons and new Mods.     
Note: The Node itself can only be played if you've completed the Natah Quest.    
1) Minibosses lead the way - beware the DEMOLYSTs. Defeating a miniboss is the key to progress - or failure. You have 4 terminals to defend each round. If a miniboss gets to the terminal and detonates, you lose that terminal. Pressure is on. Minibosses make themselves known.    
2) Rewards - most endless (minus Arbitrations) have 'AABC' rotation, repeated endlessly. This mode gives you the flexibility to earn your reward tier based on performance. Perfectly defend all Terminals in the first round? Good stuff. This is a table of how it’ll look: 


Colloquially known as the 'fly-dolon' in Devstreams, the flying Eidolon is here. Prepare for a bossfight that combines the strategies of the Teralyst, the hero moments of the Exploiter Orb, and Warframe's awesome Parkour into one showdown.    
The Ropalolyst boss fight can be found on its own Assassination Node on Jupiter once you have completed the Chimera Prologue. Completion of the Ganymede Node will allow you to progress.    
Facing off against this airborne new Eidolon type will reward you with Wisp components and Amalgam Mods! Prepare, Tenno. You won't know what to expect as you enter the arena of the Ropalolyst.     




Float through the halls of the Gas City as the unseen helping hand. Her light-based Abilities provide support to allies, while her unique Passive makes her invisible in the air. Defeat the Ropalolyst to earn our 40th Warframe.    
Flowing between dimensions Wisp becomes invisible to enemies while in the air.    
Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Motes that attach to and aid Wisp and her allies. Haste Mote grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies.    
Cast forward a spectral image of Wisp to confuse and distract enemies. Reactivate to travel to its position.   Hold to have the image travel faster and teleport to its position on releas    
Open a dimensional breach to overwhelm nearby enemies and cause them to release aggressive Surge sparks when damaged.    
Open a portal to the sun to irradiate enemies with a devastating beam of pure solar plasma.




The following TennoGen Bundles were previously released on PS4 and Xbox One and will be making their way to Nintendo Switch in The Jovian Concord! 

The Naru Syandana and Nova Corpra skin were released individually in prior updates, but we have bundled them with the other items from their Rounds for those who would like to own the collection.














As a reminder from our previous status update, our goal with TennoGen has not changed: We want to have transfers of the same items launch across PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Delays aren’t something we’re happy with, and efforts are being made to prevent the kind of delay we saw with Round 14 from happening again.

For Round 16, and onward, we are intending to transfer a curated list of items from each round. We’ll be transferring additional items from them in the future as well, like what we’re doing with Round 14, but we can’t make any promises at this time on pacing.

We'll share more news on future transfers when we have more details!



Strike with silent lightning or the pummeling drum of thunder with Wisp’s signature Primary Weapon. Alternate between stealthy short-range electrical discharge and automatic lightning gun. Faster mode-switch when used by Wisp.  

A flowing alternate helmet for Wisp.    
Fluid and aerodynamic, the signature Kavat armor of Wisp.     


Corpus ingenuity leveraging Tau-tech to create a high-capacity bi-modal sniper weapon of terrifying capability. Zoom in to reduce recoil and add Punch Through. Zoom again to fire a bursting viral round, but with a lower rate of fire. Komorex features built-in ammo conversion.    


Sentient tech merges with Corpus design to deliver this lethal sidearm. Fully automatic, it fires ricocheting, homing projectiles that release small clouds of Gas on impact. Alt-fire to release the entire clip without homing as a single burst.    


Take control with this decadent collection of deluxe Nyx gear. Featuring the Nyx Pasithea Skin, Enthra Syandana, and the Hecaton Shotgun Skin.    

Give your Warframe, Weapons and more a boost with new Mods and Mod Sets. A Set Bonus is applied if equipped with Mods from the same set. These Mods are available as potential rewards from killing Amalgams and completing new content in the remastered Gas City. (All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)    
Set Bonus: Damage enemies while Aim Gliding and put up to 5 of them to Sleep for 9s on landing.    

  • Aero Vantage - Warframe: +100% Reduced Gravity during Aim Glide    
  • Aero Agility - Sniper Rifle: +100% Reload Speed during Aim Glide    
  • Aero Periphery - Primary: -50% Zoom during Aim Glide    

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)    
Set Bonus: +100% chance to become immune to Knockdown effects while airborne.    

  • Motus Signal - Warframe: Increase Double Jump strength by +200%    
  • Motus Setup - Shotgun: +100% Critical and Status Chance for 4 secs after landing from a Double or Bullet Jump    
  • Motus Impact - Melee: Increase range of aerial melee attacks by +2m     

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)    
Set Bonus: During a Wall Latch gain +50% Damage Reduction.    

  • Proton Pulse - Warframe: Wall Dashing grants + 100% Bullet Jump Speed    
  • Proton Jet - Rifle: During a Wall Latch gain +120% Status Chance and Critical Chance    
  • Proton Snap - Melee: Hold a Wall Latch for 2s to gain +100% Toxic Damage and +50% Status Chance for 20s.    

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)    

  • Kavat's Grace - Warframe: Resist Hard Landings from falling at speeds of up to 40m/s    
  • Gale Kick - Warframe: +100% of Melee Damage converted to Impact Damage on Jump Kick, knocking down nearby enemies on kill.    
  • Anti-Grav Array - Robotic: Increase height of owner’s jump by +40%    
  • Odomedic - Robotic: Every 3m traversed by Wall Running regenerates +40 Health over 4s. This effect can stack up to 3x.    
  • Repair Kit - Sentinel: +6 Heal Rate/s    

(All stats shown are at Max Rank and are subject to change.)    

  • Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp - +45% Magazine Capacity. Parrying with a Shield reflects +6000% Damage. +90% Channeling Efficiency while Parrying.    
  • Amalgam Ripkas True Steel - +75% Critical Chance. +20% Reload Speed on Shotguns. +100% Gore Chance.    
  • Amalgam Furax Body Count - +15s Combo Durations. +20% Blast Radius on Specialized Launchers. Melee kills knockdown enemies within 15m.    
  • Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger - +3% Punch Through. Damage from Daggers reduces Armor by +6. Enemies are revealed by Punch Through.    
  • Amalgam Daiku Target Acquired - +75% to Headshot Multiplier. +3% Life Steal on Nikanas. 60% chance to pick up used arrows.    

These Amalgam Mods are dropped by the new ROPALOLYST.    

We have replaced the random Mod Packs (Dragon, Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, and Phoenix) with 6 new themed Essential Mod Bundles!    
These Bundles were put together to offer what their predecessors were lacking. We’ve completely removed the dice roll and replaced it with a clear list of contents so that you know exactly what you are getting in the bundle. They are intended to help get you started and familiar with modding in Warframe, and all of the items in the Bundles can be earned from mission rewards, enemy drops, and more!    
They each feature an unranked Rifle Mod, Shotgun Mod, Pistol Mod, Melee Mod, 1,000 Endo, and 50,000 Credits. Check them out in the in-game Market!    

Essential Base Damage Mod Bundle    

  • Serration    
  • Point Blank    
  • Hornet Strike    
  • Pressure Point    
  • 1,000 Endo    
  • 50,000 Credits    

Essential Critical Chance Mod Bundle    

  • Point Strike    
  • Blunderbuss    
  • Pistol Gambit    
  • Organ Shatter    
  • 1,000 Endo    
  • 50,000 Credits    

Essential Cold Damage Mod Bundle    

  • Cryo Rounds    
  • Chilling Grasp    
  • Deep Freeze    
  • North Wind    
  • 1,000 Endo    
  • 50,000 Credits    

Essential Heat Damage Mod Bundle    

  • Hellfire    
  • Incendiary Coat    
  • Heated Charge    
  • Molten Impact    
  • 1,000 Endo    
  • 50,000 Credits    

Essential Toxin Damage Mod Bundle    

  • Infected Clip    
  • Contagious Spread    
  • Pathogen Rounds    
  • Fever Strike    
  • 1,000 Endo    
  • 50,000 Credits    

Essential Electricity Damage Mod Bundle    

  • Stormbringer    
  • Charged Shell    
  • Convulsion    
  • Shocking Touch    
  • 1,000 Endo    
  • 50,000 Credits    


The following UI screens have received a brand new look and functionality with a mix of player-requested mechanics!    

  • More information is directly exposed now, such as related Bundles and the quantity of Blueprints owned (ex Forma). 


  • Alongside the original 6 primary Syndicates, you can now view your Cetus, Fortuna, and Miscellaneous (Conclave, Simaris) Standing! However, the original primary Syndicates will appear hidden if you have never met them in the Relay, and will reappear after talking to them once.    
  • You can now directly visit ALL Syndicates from their UI screens!     
  • Syndicates in the Syndicate screen are ordered by the respective Rank you have with them. The ones who don’t especially like or respect you are greyed out to indicate that.    
  • Daily Standing information is now clearly exposed. This value is the amount still earnable.
  • Neutral Rank now shows up for Syndicates with no negative Ranks.


Void Relics/Refinement    

  • Overall more information displayed/available.    
  • Hovering over the possible Rewards in the selected Relic now displays how many you own, the crafting requirements, and the respective Ducat value.    
  • You can continue to Refine already Refined Relics in both the Void Relic Refinement station and in Navigation when selecting a Relic for a Void Fissure mission.    
  • Relics you do not own are displayed at the bottom of the grid, which you can select to view the Rewards.    
  • The in-mission Void Fissure Reward screen has also been reworked to reflect these aesthetic changes with the added Refinement functionality in the Relic selection screen for endless Void Fissure missions.    


  • One of our oldest screens to date, the Extract or Battle screen, has been given a visual facelift!     There is also an icon to denote the host when deciding whether to Extract or Battle.


Warframes, Sentinels, Weapons, Attachments (Armor, Ephemera, etc), Regalia, Syandanas, K-Drives, and Archwings now all have a double Emissive color option (no Forma required), and a double Energy color option (Forma required).    

  • Operators and Gilded Amps now have a Secondary Energy option!    
  • Primary Energy color will reflect the core (brightest) area of the FX. This allows for a Cold Damage Chroma to have a pink FX, Heat Damage Chroma to have a green FX, etc.    
  • Ephemera now uses your Attachments color.    
  • Nidus Virulence’s tips on ground effect will now use your Secondary Energy colors.    
  • Nezha’s Warding Halo projector uses Secondary Energy colors.    
  • ‘Copy Main Colors’ in the Arsenal will now update Energy FX as well (like Randomize does).    

General Additions:    

  • Prove your Prodman respect with new Corpus UI Theme, Background, and Sound under Options > Interface > UI Customization! 
  • The winning entry dream Dojo Decoration, Flower Decanter, created by PhaZone at TennoCon 2018 has been added to the Market!    
  • A new ‘Wisp Motes Glyph’ can be purchased under Profile > Glyph.
  • Cephalon Simaris has added his own Decorations to his Syndicate Offering store    
  • Cephalon Simaris now sells Blueprints given during quests in his Offerings! This allows you to purchase these items in the event that you’ve accidentally sold them.
  • Added “Save the Hostage” message in Rescue missions if the Hostage is downed.
  • Added “Cannot replicate research in another Clans Dojo” message to players who are not in a Clan but are attempting to access Research in any of the Featured Dojos.     
  • Added Ability videos in the Ability UI for Inaros, Ivara, Nidus, Titania, and Wukong!
  • Added Dojo map legend! Simply open the map to view.     
  • A ‘Fast Travel’ option has been added to the Dojo main menu to allow easy access to all Labs once completed.    
  • Added a new "Venus Vignette"! Check it out in the in-game Market.     

General Weapon Changes:    

  • Zenith Alt Fire Ammo cost reduced from 5 to 3.    
  • Zenith’s Alt Fire radar deployable is now Ammo based instead of duration.    
  • Tysis Corrosive Damage-over-time will now be apply a single tick to targets the projectile punches through.    
  • The Gaze Kitgun Chamber now chains to up to two targets within 5m.    

Gun Spear Weapon Changes:    


  • 33% of clip reloaded every second when Spear is deployed. This allows for a more fluid use of all the Gun Spear mechanics.    
  • Increased flight speed of all Gun Spears.    


  • Reduced zoom FOV.     
  • Adjusted Impact and radial Damage split from 230 Impact and 50 area-of-effect to 160 Impact and 120 area-of-effect.    
  • Increased area-of-effect radius from 1.6m to 2m.    
  • Increased projectile speed from 70 to 130.    
  • Removed self damage from Primary fire.    
  • Removed damage fall off from Primary fire area-of-effect.    
  • Auto recall timer reduced from 20 to 6 secs.    


  • Increased Alt Fire's tether range from 6m to 10m.    
  • Increased tether's Status Chance from 33% to 50%.    
  • Increased tether's Damage pulse from every 5 secs to every 2 secs.    
  • Quick throw auto recall timer reduced from 20 to 10 secs.    
  • Charged throw auto recall timer increased from 20 to 30 secs.        


  • Increased Ammo pool from 100 to 200.    
  • Increased Alt Fire's bullet attractor radius from 1.8m to 2m.    
  • Increased Magazine size from 20 to 40.    
  • Increased Primary fire area-of-effect damage from 30 to 55.    
  • Primary Fire recoil reduced.   


Exploiter Orb Changes:    

  • Increased Ephemera drop rate on Exploiter Orb from 6% category drop to 10% category drop.    
  • The Exploiter Orb now properly drops the Deck 12 Scene.    


Post Processing Changes in Orbiter:

We have changed the post-processing effects in your Orbiter for a simple reason: it now matches the rest of the game! It will look less blown out and slightly more saturated. A before and after can be found here:

General Changes:
Expand the spoilers below for full list of changes!    

  • Konzu’s Eidolon Hunt now grants Ostron Standing!    
    • 1000 Ostron Standing per Eidolon Hunt: Teralyst    
    • 5000 Ostron Standing per Eidolon Hunt: Teralyst, Gantulyst, and Hydrolyst    
  • Slightly increased the drop rate of the Seeding Step Ephemera and Aura Forma Blueprint in Arbitrations.    
  • Revenant and allies can now perform Finishers on enemies blinded by Revenant’s Reave with the Blinding Reave Augment equipped.    
  • Heavy Ammo now drops from Bombards, Heavy Gunners, Napalms, Corpus Tech, Fusion Moas, Oxium Ospreys, Ancients, Corrupted Ancients, and Corrupted Bombards.    
  • Non-Endless Survival/Excavation/etc missions (i.e. Alerts, Sorties, Syndicate dailies, etc) now disable individual extraction as it leads to unnecessary Host migrations.    
  • Increased the base amount of Void Traces granted when your Relic is chosen from 1 to 5.
  • Reduced Platinum costs of Endo and Credit bundles by 50% and removed lowest Endo Bundle due to nonexistent value.    
  • Improved the visibility of Nova’s Antimatter Drop to fix the ball being invisible until you shoot it.    
  • Sanctuary Onslaught now has a chance to roll the Vay Hek Trial tileset.    
  • Self Damage reduced by Cautious Shot increased from 90% to 99%.    
  • Optimized accessing the Foundries with a large number of Blueprints and components (about 50% faster).    
  • Adjusted the Arbitration Shield Drone hitbox to encapsulate the whole visible body.
  • Hildryn will now use her Shields when Melee Channel Blocking.    
  • Viewing Nightwave Challenges while in Solo will now pause the game.    
  • Clan Research items now show if they’ve already been crafted and how many have been crafted.    
  • Reduced the radial blur when picking up Convergence Orbs.    
  • Significantly reduced the radial blur from Mesa’s Peacemaker.    
  • Updated "Landing Craft" to "Orbiter" in Menu > Equipment, and “Interior” to “Orbiter Appearance”.    
  • Dimmed overbright lights in the Grineer Settlement tileset.    
  • Changed Grineer Arc-Traps to prevent them from targeting Sentinels.    
  • Adjusted offset position for the Due Volpi Syandana on most Warframes so it is positioned lower and closer to Warframe's back.    
  • Adjusted offset for the Surator Syandana to avoid clipping on certain Warframes and Skins.
  • Adjusted holster position of Dual Secondaries on Saryn Prime and Banshee Prime.
  • Adjusted some Melee holster positions on Mesa Prime to avoid clipping/floating.    
  • Updated description of the 'Savior of Eris' Challenge.    
  • Improvements to the Confirm Quantity input field to make entering new values easier.
  • Eximus enemies are now capped at Level 9999 like regular enemies.    
  • Tweaked the brightness of Volt Prime’s electricity to fix dimness.    
  • Reduced Melee FX light intensity.    

Expand the spoilers below for list of notable fixes!

  • Fixed issue where entering sleep mode with Warframe open would cause the Nintendo Switch to freeze
  • Fixed Hildryn’s Haven remaining active without consuming shields while riding a Daygyn. Haven will now be disabled once Hildryn boards a Darygn since it has no Shields to fuel it.
  • Fixed Hildryn having an Energy bar when entering the Plains of Eidolon from Cetus.
  • Fixed Mesa's Shatter Shield not being cancelled by Nullifier bubbles.    
  • Fixed Oberon, Khora, and Harrow getting stuck on certain kinds of geometry if they try to cast their Abilities mid-air and come down because of it.    
  • Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not reflecting the default colours of the Winter Skin.    
  • Fixed Baruuk’s Desert Wind fists not properly applying the chosen Energy colour as Client.
  • Fixed several animation and FX issues when Baruuk has Serene Storm active and is dual-wielding a Pistol and throwing Melee.    
  • Fixed Altas Karst Skin chest cloth clipping through some weapons.    
  • Fixed Titania able to fly out of the level in the The Second Dream.    
  • Fixed Saryn’s Toxic Lash not being affected by Corpus Nullifier fields.    
  • Fixed Hildryn and Garuda Specters never using Abilities.    
  • Fixed Chroma’s Vex Armor not being hindered or removed by a Corpus Nullifier field.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Absorb being affected by teammate damage when using the Assimilate Augment Mod.    
  • Fixed Frost’s Snowglobe clipping through camera angles.    
  • Fixed Khora’s Stangledome causing performance issues at times.    
  • Fixed enemies affected by Nyx’s Psychic Bolts not applying the chosen Energy colour.    
  • Fixed being unable to do anything with Mesa when Peacemaker is cast at the exact moment a ledge grab is attempted.    
  • Fixed Chesa Retrieve double dipping with Nekros’ Desecrate.    
  • Fixed Chesa/Desecrate double dipping with Hydroid/Khora.
    • When we added the Nightwave challenge for the Silver Grove, we encouraged a return to content that normally would have been fine. A small handful of players found an exploit and as we looked into things, we thought we fixed the issue with the new Chesa behavior that could lead to problems. We didn't. We decided to cut a bit deeper. Ivara's looting ability is now the only one that stacks with other looting because it works while alive. If a target is dead, a successful loot now happens once, no matter the source. However, multiple can attempt to loot the same body. Yes... this is different from how it previously behaved, but this is the new intended behavior.    
  • Fixed ability to use the Aura Forma on Sentinels and Companions.    
  • Fixed Taxon attacking Conservation animals if equipped with Molecular Conversion and Retarget.    
  • Fixed Tatsu missing the “Holster Style” option in the Arsenal.    
  • Fixed the Tatsu unique mechanic no longer functioning correctly once a player dies and revives.    
  • Fixed Tatsu’s Soul Swarm mechanic not stacking for Clients.    
  • Fixed Tipedo Prime’s ground slam not knocking flying enemies (Oxium Ospreys, Corrupted Drone, etc.) out of the air.    
  • Fixed the Deimos Claw Skin's long claw not unfolding upon player switching Melee mode.
  • Fixed ‘Cryogenic Leak’ conditions not applying its respective Status Effect.    
  • Fixed doors leading to the Plains of Eidolon from Cetus losing its textures when jumping on it.    
  • Fixed Stalker falling off the edge in the final stage of The Second Dream.    
  • Fixed Coildrive teleporting inside the building in the “Retrieve Data” phase of the Vox Solaris quest.    
  • Fixed Ghouls not spawning around the Defense objective in the last stage of one of the Ghoul Purge Bounties.    
  • Fixed Host migration restarting the second stage of the Profit-Taker Bounty and being unable to continue with the mission if the Host grabbed the datamass.    
  • Fixed the Thermia Fracture Nullifier Burp affecting players even if they are outside of the Nullifier volume.    
  • Fixed some players having extra “Kitgun” entries in their Profiles that are blank.    
  • Fixed countdown timer infinitely looping when Host accepts and cancels a Bounty selected by a Client from a tent in the Plains of Eidolon.    
  • Fixed an issue with the Mining Cutter/Drill being unequipped when aiming after Quick Melee.
  • Fixed issue with destroying a Tusk Thumper’s armor plates too quickly causing it to continue to hop around as a terrifying immortal slap chop.    
  • Fixed several clipping and floating issues with the Narvarr Prime Armor on multiple Warframes.    
  • Fixed a laser trap in the floor not disarming after pulling out a Coolant Cell in Corpus Sabotage missions and creating an unintended wave point.    
  • Fixed incorrect growth size and duration of Vazarin’s Void Aegis.     
  • Fixed blinded enemies standing still and not doing anything after the animation finishes while still blinded.    
  • Fixed Iradite formations and pickups appearing yellow instead of dark red.    
  • Fixed Corrupted enemies in the Void appearing very yellow.    
  • Fixed Odonata's Energy Shell appearing 2x smaller than it should be in the Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis.    
  • Fixed Beam type weapons unable to destroy Isolator Bursa mines.    
  • Fixed some weapons (Nagantaka) Fire Rates on their Burst mode showing as 0.    
  • Fixed Maroo standing in a T-pose in her Bazaar.    
  • Fixed the Cestra and Dual Cestra barrel being rotated incorrectly in Fortuna and Cetus.    
  • Fixed K-Drives not gaining Affinity and only Focus points after installing a Lens on it.
  • Fixed being unable to interact/capture with downed Plains of Eidolon Bounty targets.
  • Fixed three entries of each Kuaka variant appearing in the Codex.    
  • Fixed certain Quest dioramas showing your equipped and custom Warframe instead of the rewarded Warframe.    
  • Fixed Varazin’s Protective Dash not affecting Companions after mounting a K-Drive or Archwing.     
  • Fixed being unable to change Clan size during the following non-Clan related Events:
    • Balor Fomorian    
    • Razorback Armada    
  • Fixed enemies amed with the Tetra having incorrect reload animations.    
  • Fixed the Telos Boltace and Kronen Prime not appearing when searching ‘Tonfa’ in the Arsenal.    
  • Fixed Tonfa weapons (Ohma, Kronen, etc) not having holster positions set up for Equinox Primes Night Form.    
  • Fixed weird water textures when looking through the water with your weapon scope.
  • Fixed the Bloodshed Sigil and Bleeding Body Ephemera still appearing visible when your Warframe is hidden (talking to Bounty givers in Orb Vallis).    
  • Fixed the Vistapa Prime Syandana clipping through numerous Warframes.    
  • Fixed the Halikar not actually stealing the Wolfs Sledge Hammer.    
  • Fixed cases of the Inventory screen causing overlap at multiple areas on the Orbiter.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the Grineer Forest Defense level ceiling.     
  • Fixed light brightness on the Opticor Vandal to match base Opticor.    
  • Fixed Emblems and Badges not hiding when aiming with the Atlas Karst Skin.    
  • Fixed inability to proceed in the Sacrifice quest when attempting to trigger a console.
  • Fixed the Adaptation Mod not actually providing any resistance value after Reviving.
  • Fixed Magus Lockdown not function properly with Tyl Regor.    
  • Fixed incorrect Energy colors on the Mag Ferro Helmet.    
  • Fixed glowy blood in the Chains of Harrow quest.    
  • Fixed a Health scaling bug that resulted in enemies past a certain level only having 10 Health.    
  • Fixed Health and Shield bar display for enemies with more than 2 billion points of Health and Shields combined.    
  • Fixed Hildryn’s Melee Channeled blocking not remapping from Energy to Shield.    
  • Fixed the Prisma Rostam Kubrow Armor not displaying its Prisma cloud FX.    
  • Fixed clipping cloth physics with Oberon Feyarch’s skirt.    
  • Fixed the map node for Saturn > Telesto displaying a Forma instead of an enemy.
  • Fixed all Codex > Universe > Art Galleries missing their dioramas.    
  • More fixes towards lens flare under the Temple of Profit.    
  • Fixed the Kuva Siphon Cloud hitbox being much taller than the Cloud suggests.    
  • Fixed anti-stationary-target grenades thrown by Corpus Crewmen having their explosion timer being set to 0.5s upon landing on the ground. Now they are on par with Grineer grenades again (3~4s lifetime).    
  • Fixed an issue where Damage conversion Mods could sometimes convert to the wrong type of Damage.    
  • Fixed various cases of missing Transmission lip sync animations.    
  • Fixed an issue with Heavy Weapons not getting their Ammo back after cooldown time as a Client.    
  • Fixed an issue with getting stuck in the ground when exiting a Grineer Sea Lab vault.
  • Fixed ceiling issues and slightly reduced ceiling damage and prevent them from outright killing player.    
  • Fixed an issue with players going out of bounds on the Ceres Shipyards.     
  • Fixed an issue with Melee Weapon Trails not respecting swing speed Mods which would make them invisible.    
  • Fixed old Corpus lockers in Maroo's Bazaar.     
  • Fixed a progression stopper in the Sands of Inaros Quest where the Tomb Guardians were invincible.    
  • Fixed newly-migrated Endless mission Host not receiving a reward at the end of the next interval.    
  • Fixed the Tecton Sparring Skin not appearing in its diorama.    
  • Potential fix for Nidus gaining back 3/4 of his Energy when casting abilities in Frame Fighter
  • Fixed filter opacity not working in Captura.    
  • Fixed the Torid and Pox not dealing radial Damage over time when its projectile lands on the ground or otherwise not on an enemy.    
  • Fix for Mods that come from Syndicate Offerings not showing the Syndicate as a drop source in the Codex.    
  • Fixed Detron and Mara Detron projectile firing incorrectly when in Glaive+Gun mode.
  • Fixed the Second Dream Stalker weapon having blue Energy.    
  • Fixed camera not getting reset when backing out of the Controller Bindings screen
  • Fixed Hildryn Ability names being all caps in Ability HUD bar.    
  • Fixed missing collision on the Terra Auto Turrets in Orb Vallis.    
  • Fixed buff HUD indicators that should be on the second row overlapping the first when Transferring between Warframe/Operator.    
  • Fixed Arcanes displaying that they can be traded for 100 Ducats.    
  • Fixed clicking a Chat linked item resulting in multiple screens overlapping.    
  • Fixed clicking Chat linked Mods not showing how many you own.    
  • Fixed dirt mounds in the Plains of Eidolon not appearing wet when it’s raining.    
  • Fixed not seeing Polychrome color preview or being able to apply it in the Dojo. If a Polychrome is failing to apply, simply remove and try again!    
  • Fixed an issue where depleting all ammunition for a single gun then picking up more doesn't re-enable use of the weapon.    
  • Fixed Dropships not actually picking a clear landing zone and flying through trees in the Plains of Eidolon.    
  • Fixed Little Duck still being ‘hidden’ in the Syndicate screen at max Vox Solaris rank
  • Fixed seeing Eudico’s unhidden transmissions with Creator Mode on.    
  • Fixed Ivara’s Cloak arrow functioning on Defense objectives, leaving enemies unable to find it.    
  • Fixed inability to add a Precept Polarity to Venari using Forma.    
  • Fixed missing various UI elements or getting a black screen after entering the vent simultaneously at the start of Profit-Taker Bounty 3.    
  • Fixed Arcanes awarded through Bounties showing as Mods in the UI.    
  • Fixed Revenant's default Energy color being too green.    
  • Fixed the Lenz jets still appearing when you apply the Dryad Bow Skin.    
  • Fixed seeing red fog in Void tilesets.    
  • Fixed Impact Status and ragdolling breaking enemies out of Nyx’s Pacify effect before its Duration is up.    
  • Fixed Garuda having negative Mod capacity by replacing a Stance Mod with high drain with a Stance Mod of low drain.    
  • Fixed Blueprint Inventory icons appearing smaller than normal.    
  • Fixed an incorrect teleport placement in the Vor’s Prize quest.    
  • Fixed Dargyn patrols sometimes picking unreachable destinations underground and getting stuck in the Plains of Eidolon.    
  • Fixed some Ephemera’s not appearing in Relays or missions after a cinematic is triggered.    
  • Fixed not receiving rewards at End of Mission of Arbitrations if you’re awaiting revival while extraction is triggered by the remaining squadmates.    
  • Fixed losing Arbitration Warframe/weapon buff each time a player respawns.    
  • Fixed the Arbitration Resurgence Burden UI lingering on the screen saying 0/5 if a player is near a Revive tower and doesn't have any Resurgence Burdens and another player performs the Revive.    
  • Fixed black screen with limited UI for Clients when Host selects repeat mission after returning to the Orbiter from one.    
  • Fixed killing enemies with a stolen Dargyn triggering the “Rank Up!” UI notification.
  • Fixed Extractor UI disappearing from Star Chart after reclaiming a completed one.
  • Fixed an issue with Nidus' Symbiotic Link FX on Titania.    
  • Fixed Valkyr’s Hysteria FX appearing to flicker when ‘Color Correction’ is enabled    
  • Fixed Clients seeing incorrect Corpus Hack panel FX.    
  • Fixed black flickering and other VFX issues occuring after a Thermia Fracture burp
  • Fixed Baruuk’s Elude FX appearing opaque and bright green no matter the chosen Energy color.    
  • Fixed missing FX for the “music notes” in the final mission of the Octavia’s Anthem quest.
  • Fixed Frost’s Snowglobe FX range not scaling properly.    
  • Fixed missing alarm sound in Corpus Survival missions when the first console is hacked.    
  • Fixed an issue with missing reload sounds when using Glaives with Kitguns.    
  • Fixed a sound bug when Dual Wielding the Glaive and performing an aerial attack
  • Fixed level holes in the Grineer Galleon defense tileset.    
  • Fixed mesh issues in Grineer Galleon Spy mission tilesets.    
  • Fixed flashlight remaining on and blaringly bright after destroying reactor Sabotage missions in the Griner Settlement and Shipyard tilesets.    
  • Fixed zoning issues in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset that was causing meshes to disappear
  • Fixed being able to walk on top of water volumes in certain areas in the Grineer Forest tileset.    
  • More fixes towards waypoint flip-flopping in the Lua tileset.    
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Fortress Capture tileset.    
  • Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Outpost tileset.     
  • Fixed some ice appearing red on Europa tilesets.    
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when talking to Maroo about Ayatan missions in Maroo's Bazaar.    
  • Fixed crashes when going to the Arcane selection screen for a Kitgun while playing in Japanese.    
  • Fixed a rare crash when transition from a Vallis/Plains to Fortuna/Cetus.    
  • Fixed a script error when Replicating a Warframe Blueprint in the Dojo.    
  • Fixed a script error when completing a Round in The Index Endurance.    
  • Fixed a script error when purchasing Debt-Bonds from Ticker.    
  • Fixed a script error when trying to buy an item from Nightwave offerings.    
  • Fixed a script error when getting an Ayatan Sculpture as a defense reward.    
  • Fixed a script error when transitioning between Zones in Sanctuary Onslaught.    
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Contribute to Dojo Research.  
  • Fixed a script error when closing the a Lore Fragment entry before it is loaded.


The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 1


The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 2

  • All back-end changes/fixes to enable Nightwave: Intermission!

6/12/19 2:45 PM EDT Edit: For maximum exposure

  • We're chasing after some crashes on PC before we enable Nightwave: Intermission on all platforms - Hotfix coming soon for PC to address!
  • A Bounty failing bug is holding back Plague Star currently. We're working towards fixing and hopefully deploying Plague Star tonight.

The Jovian Concord: Hotfix 3

Some more back-end fixes for Plague Star!


  • Fixed Nora Night not showing up in the Nightwave screen.
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These loot changes are unacceptable. You have made it so making groups for farming things is pointless now, and increased the amount of time required to farm almost everything in the game by a large amount. This change needs to be reverted or drop rates need to be increased.

The new UI is TERRIBLE on console. Having to hover over everything to see useful information, while at the same time having a GIANT EMPTY SPACE in the UI is mind boggling.

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For maximum exposure:

  • We're chasing after some crashes on PC before we enable Nightwave: Intermission on all platforms - Hotfix coming soon for PC to address!
  • A Bounty failing bug is holding back Plague Star currently. We're working towards fixing and hopefully deploying Plague Star tonight.
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