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Survival Gear


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It would make sense if there was a gear item that lets you pop a few points of life support. It's something I can actually imagine using, and something people would actually want to buy and craft.


To be technical, the enemies are already dropping something similar anyway, so this makes a great deal of sense.


I imagine the price can be used to mitigate abuse, but I think we've all had moments when the few extra seconds this grants would be greatly appreciated.

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While I'm at it, a related thought would be a rebreather mod/item/aura(probably aura) that slows the rate at which the team consumes life support.


That sounds cool, BUT it should not stack, so you can't have 4 people go in with the things all maxed out and be fine to play it like a defense or something. It would have to be done REALLY well, so its helpuff, but dose not make the drop pods and air bags useless. In fact, maybe make another mod that increases the amount of air the team can have? and one to get more air out of the bags, but not the pods.

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